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Comment Re:Convince the Truck Buyers (Score 1) 293

There's not much in the way of tools.. really only a Techstream which many already have since they are used for all Toyota/Scion/Lexus. And for most things you don't even need that, a generic OBDII (and sometimes a multimeter) will do. Most of the routine maintenance is no different than a conventional vehicle.

Comment Re:I do this (Score 1) 365

So you're great a going in a straight line while on the phone, good for you. When something happens, are you going to be able to react appropriately? You might assume yes, but who knows, and I as the driver in front of you as we approach a traffic jam do not wish to determine this experimentally. Put the phone down.

Comment Re:I do this (Score 1) 365

That's not true at all. My state has no such limitation, and explicitly authorizes an audible signal as an indication of passing.

As a bicyclist you should know from experience that motorists going around obstructions greatly increases the risk of hitting cyclists (not to mention pedestrians and other vehicles). A driver gets fed up sitting behind a stopped car and whips into the bike lane, right as you're passing by..

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