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Comment Re:They dumped the waste water yet no misconduct (Score 1) 246

Yes, shit happens. This is why environmental laws include an "affirmative defense", which more or less says you are not liable for shit happening.

However one component of affirmative defense is that you were operating in accordance with sound engineering principles and good environmental practice. A tank being opened for 5 days does not appear to meet that standard.

Simply cleaning up your mess is generally not sufficient recourse for environmental releases. There should always be a penalty component to prevent operators from thinking "oh who cares, we'll just fix it later".

The fact that they are spending money to drill seems to have no relevance on whether or not there should be a penalty.

Comment Re:Can we have someone go to jail now, please? (Score 1) 246

Dunno about you, I would notice if my garden hose was on continuously for 5 days... and it's not spouting wastewater.

They have a duty to operate at all times in accordance with good environmental practice. Leaving a tank open for 5 minutes, let alone 5 days, does not seem to meet that standard. This is not some paperwork violation. Pursuing the case criminally sends a very strong and imo correct message to operators.

Comment Re:300 million books, each unique (Score 1) 121

Even though Tolkien calls the 6 parts "books", he actually considered the work to be one volume of a whole, made up of LOTR + Silmarillion. That was rejected, and LOTR was published as 3 volumes to keep the cost down (e.g. the tendency of people to be willing to pay 3*$5 for three average-size books but not 1*$15 for one large one).

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