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Comment Re:They dumped the waste water yet no misconduct (Score 1) 246

Yes, shit happens. This is why environmental laws include an "affirmative defense", which more or less says you are not liable for shit happening.

However one component of affirmative defense is that you were operating in accordance with sound engineering principles and good environmental practice. A tank being opened for 5 days does not appear to meet that standard.

Simply cleaning up your mess is generally not sufficient recourse for environmental releases. There should always be a penalty component to prevent operators from thinking "oh who cares, we'll just fix it later".

The fact that they are spending money to drill seems to have no relevance on whether or not there should be a penalty.

Comment Re:Can we have someone go to jail now, please? (Score 1) 246

Dunno about you, I would notice if my garden hose was on continuously for 5 days... and it's not spouting wastewater.

They have a duty to operate at all times in accordance with good environmental practice. Leaving a tank open for 5 minutes, let alone 5 days, does not seem to meet that standard. This is not some paperwork violation. Pursuing the case criminally sends a very strong and imo correct message to operators.

Comment Re:300 million books, each unique (Score 1) 121

Even though Tolkien calls the 6 parts "books", he actually considered the work to be one volume of a whole, made up of LOTR + Silmarillion. That was rejected, and LOTR was published as 3 volumes to keep the cost down (e.g. the tendency of people to be willing to pay 3*$5 for three average-size books but not 1*$15 for one large one).

Comment Re:Clear something up? (Score 1) 227

With the exception of toll free numbers (originally just 1-800.. now 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 in a few months), everything has geographic area based codes (prefixes are used within area codes).

But this is not the reason why you are charged to receive a mobile call. You are charged to receive a mobile call (unless you have unlimited or in a free period) because you are using the mobile network. If you don't want to pay for that, do not answer the call.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 1) 427

Actually the inspectors were generally allowed to do their jobs. While there were some inconsistencies in records, largely relating to the inability to prove a negative, they really didn't find anything.

But certain leaders in the US and UK did not accept these findings, leading the inspectors to withdraw ahead of hostilities.

The US, of course, also did not find anything.

Comment Re:Sugar (Score 1) 926

It's said that cats cannot taste sweets, but this is pop science distillation of the actual reality. As the article explains, they do taste it, just not through the same mechanism that we do. Nearly every cat owner has anecdotes about their pet liking something sweet.

Comment Re:Spooks are trying to provoke an irresponsible a (Score 2) 508

There seems to be a misconception here. Congress broadly authorized the programs, and the intelligence committees get regular updates. The programs operate under FISC orders, which provides some form of judicial oversight. Either body could shut the programs down. The House did not have the votes to defund a couple weeks ago, extremely unlikely it would have passed the Senate anyway.

So given that these bodies have not shut the programs down, the only logical conclusion to me is that all three branches are OK with it. Yeah, some individual legislators are making hay, and there was one denial from FISC, but as a whole the bodies haven't really used their power to curtail the activities.

This doesn't magically make the programs legal, good, or right.

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