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Comment Re: where is the bluray? (Score 1) 221

No, the weak reasoning is treating books and TV the same.

Avoiding book spoilers is relatively easy. For most books, not everyone is reading it at the same time (and same pace), fewer people are reading it in general, and book plots (let alone the existence of books) are rarely covered by mass media. Avoiding spoilers for a show that 5 million people watched last night and have already generated billions of words on the internet about, including mass media sites, is quite different.

Comment Re:... with government funds and subsidized chargi (Score 1) 311

The engineers at GM are well aware of this, and the Volt's computer is subsequently aware of it. If you have not filled in ~6 months, it will alert you to add fresh gas. If you don't, it will start burning off the old gas to force you to do so.

But thanks for this perfect illustration of the "But what about [problem that everyone knows about]? You'll be fucked!" comment.

Comment Re: What is 300 trillion ? (Score 1) 205

If you are looking for a job, you are statistically unemployed. That's the only criteria.

Length of unemployment and receipt of unemployment benefits are irrelevant. While those moving to lower paying jobs are counted as employed (pretty hard to argue otherwise), any reduction in pay gets reflected in wage data.

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