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Comment If you're interested in writing games... (Score 1) 997

...i hereby invite you to join our Jump'n'Run game project "BlinkenSisters". I think, participating in an already working project makes quite a lot of sense, because there's already a team that can help you out when you're stuck.

We do the core engine in C/C++ with the SDL library, use CMake as our *nix build system and also have (a few) Perl scripts around.

As for writing portable code: The game is supposed to run everywhere, my team and i can show you many pittfalls of non-portable programming (yeah, we done them all). We have a wide range of sub-projects: From enhancing the engine to scripting to writing new, small tools.

If you're interested, email us at:
team AT blinkensisters DOT org

Comment Re:Brain size (Score 1) 1563

Proprietary OS, difficult to reverse-engineer or predict.

See, now that is EXACTLY the problem when trying to cooperate with male co-workers: They require predictable results, especially when dealing with technical stuff.

Technical matters require precision and repeatability; that includes the team working on it.

And to all the comments about sexual harassment: If you are a commited, gifted geek your fellow male geeks might not notice that you have breasts at all... much to your own annoyment when the time comes to flirt your way out of a sticky situation :-P


Fourth Undersea Cable Taken Offline In Less Than a Week 499

An anonymous reader writes "Another undersea cable was taken offline on Friday, this one connecting Qatar and UAE. 'The [outage] caused major problems for internet users in Qatar over the weekend, but Qtel's loss of capacity has been kept below 40% thanks to what the telecom said was a large number of alternative routes for transmission. It is not yet clear how badly telecom and internet services have been affected in the UAE.' In related news it's been confirmed that the two cables near Egypt were not cut by ship anchors." Update: 02/04 07:13 GMT by Z : A commenter notes that despite the language in the article indicated a break or malfunction, the cable wasn't cut. It was taken offline due to power issues.

Finnish Patient Gets New Jaw from His Own Stem Cells 141

An anonymous reader writes with news out of Finland, where a patient's upper jaw was replaced with bone cultivated from stem cells and grown inside the patient himself. We discussed other advances in stem cell research a few months ago. Quoting: "In this case they identified and pulled out cells called mesenchymal stem cells -- immature cells than can give rise to bone, muscle or blood vessels. When they had enough cells to work with, they attached them to a scaffold made out of a calcium phosphate biomaterial and then put it inside the patient's abdomen to grow for nine months. The cells turned into a variety of tissues and even produced blood vessels, the researchers said."

The Effects of the Fibre Outage Throughout the Mediterranean 101

Umar Kalim writes "Analysts have been studying the effects of the fibre outage throughout the Mediterranean in terms of network performance, by examining the changes in packet losses, latencies and throughput. We initially discussed the outage yesterday. 'It is interesting that some countries such as Pakistan were mainly unaffected, despite the impact on neighboring countries such as India. This contrasts dramatically to the situation in June - July 2005, when due to a fibre cut of SEAMEWE3 off Karachi, Pakistan lost all terrestrial Internet connectivity which resulted, in many cases, in a complete 12 day outage of services. This is a tribute to the increased redundancy of international fibre connectivity installed for Pakistan in the last few years.'"

Submission + - Hackers on a Plane

cavac writes: "After sucessfull computer camps in 1999 and 2003, this years August will see another Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin/Germany with 1500+ hackers expected.

Due to compatible timing of this years DefCon, hackers wanting to visit both events started the Hackers on a Plane project. An all-inclusive hackers dream come true."

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