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Comment Re:If they do this.. (Score 1) 539

I agree. This provider sounds very fishy, if they are intentionally breaking into your hardware without your permission. Get another provider, post haste, that has a privacy clause in their contract guaranteeing that they will not do such a thing without your explicit permission, and that if they do something outside the contract such as breaking into your box without your permission, there's a rather steep monetary fee to pay on their part as a breach of contract lawsuit is in order.


Submission + - SPAM: Sam Raimi To Direct World of Warcraft Movie

itwbennett writes: "'Whether you fight for the Horde or support the Alliance, you should feel secure that the movie version of your conflict is in good hands,' says blogger Peter Smith. 'Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the oh-so-successful World of Warcraft online computer game, announced last night that Sam Raimi has been tagged to direct the movie based on the game. Raimi is most recently known for his work on the Spiderman movies and Drag Me To Hell but his credits go all the way back to cult classic The Evil Dead. He was also the Producer of a number of 1990's fantasy-adventure series such as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. Point being: the man knows how to turn a bunch of characters hacking at each other with swords into fun entertainment.'"
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Submission + - NASA confirms Jupiter impact and Black Scar 1

erpbridge writes: "Following up on Sunday's article about an amateur discovery of a new black spot on Jupiter, NASA has confirmed an impact (photos available) and observation of a black scar forming. The NY Times also has an article up with further information about the discovery, along with photos of the black scar. So far, no one seems to have any information available on what it was that impacted Jupiter."

Submission + - Yelling At Telemarketers Is A "Terroristic Thr (

BotScout writes: "An Ohio man, fed up with deceptive junk mail, made the mistake of losing his temper while on the phone with a St. Louis company pitching an extended auto-service contract. Now he finds himself behind bars, where he is charged with making a terrorist threat and is being held on $45,000 bond. According to court documents, Charles W. Papenfus, 43, allegedly told a sales representative during a May 18 telephone call that he would burn down the building and kill the employees and their families. He was indicted for making a terrorist threat, a Class D felony; and he could be sentenced to up to four years in prison if convicted. I get a lot of this kind of junk mail too, but I usually just call their 800 number and waste as much of their time as possible."
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Submission + - From Doom to Dunia: The History of 3D Engines

notthatwillsmith writes: It's difficult to think of a single category of application that's driven the pace of desktop hardware development further and faster than first-person shooters. Maximum PC examined the evolution of FPS engines, examining the key technologies that brought games from the early sprite-based days of Doom to the fully 3D rendered African savannah as rendered by Far Cry 2's Dunia engine. It's truly amazing how far the state of the art has moved in the last 16 years!

Submission + - Is DRM Really Over?

nandemoari writes: The Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA, is infamous for its prosecution of regular folk for downloading and ripping music onto personal computers. However, now it seems that the organization is willing to admit that their most notorious form of copy protection, DRM, is dead. During a recent interview on the subject, chief spokesperson for the RIAA Jonathan Lamy remarked, "DRM is dead, isn't it?" Lamy was heard to add that efforts to protect artists in the future would be free from DRM. Let's not write off DRM just yet, but it's clear from the fallout of that Jammie Thomas-Rasset debacle — where a single mom was bombarded with $1.92M fines for downloading a dozen or so tunes — that Digital Rights Management is too intrusive for a public comfortable with deciding for itself as to how it will acquire music.

Submission + - First New Nuclear Reactor In A Decade On Track.

dusty writes: "Plans to bring the first new U.S. nuclear plant in a generation are on track, on time, and on budget according to the Tennessee Valley Authority. TVA had one major accident with a coal ash spill of late, and one minor one. The agency has plans and workers in place to have Unit 2 at Watts Bars, near Knoxville on line by 2012. Currently around 1,800 workers are doing construction at the plant. Watts Bar #1 is the only new nuclear reactor added to the grid in the last 25 years, making both reactors at Watts Bar our latest additions. From the article: 'TVA estimates the Watts Bar Unit 2 reactor every year will avoid the emission of about 60 million metric tons of greenhouse emissions linked with global warming'."

Submission + - Longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century (

Matt_dk writes: "One one-thousand, 2 one-thousand, 3 one-thousand, 4 one-thousand, continue counting and don't stop until you reach 399 one-thousand. Did that feel like a long time? Six minutes and 39 seconds to be exact. That's the duration of this week's total solar eclipse — the longest of the 21st century. The event begins at the crack of dawn on Wednesday, July 22nd, in the Gulf of Khambhat just east of India. Morning fishermen will experience a sunrise like nothing they've ever seen before."

Comment Re:Build number (Score 1) 671

It does seem like this may be the RTM build, although the timing is a little early yet.

My first reaction was the build number 7600 is very similar to the XP build of 2600 (yeah, I'm grasping at straws here.) It would be in MS favor to strongly relate this to XP and try to distance themselves from refencing Vista, which the correlation I just noted might help backup in people's minds.

However, the timing is just a little too early. The stated general retail release date from June's Computex is October 22. Historically, a MS OS RTM is released 30-45 days prior to the general retail date. That would place the RTM as beginning of September at earliest. Even a generous 60 day RTM date would place the date in mid-August, a month from now. Pressing and stamping aside (and what's to say a RTM DVD can't be downloaded over the net from a registration server similar to how volume and open license customers can already do), that's a little early yet.

And can anyone draw any significance from 16384 being 2^14? Or would that just indicate something like the 14th build of the master OS?

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