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Comment Re:Historical precedent (Score 1) 825

Never mind that the roman economy functioned for decades before introducing their first gold coin by using copper coins.

Then again, the interpretations of roman currency history is a hot topic to this day.

On that note, i found this a interesting read a few years back:

Seems to be out of stock now tho.

Comment Re:In Denmark (Score 1) 825

Norway is dropping the 50 øre this year, and i think the 25 øre went out of circulation in the 80s or 90s.

I think there was some musing about turning the 50 kr bill into a coin as well, because they get worn out so quickly. Never mind that we already have a 20 kr coin that makes it surprisingly easy to have several 100 kr rattling around.

Comment Re:UI variance ? (Score 1) 282

I just wonder if we will see someone taking the WoA requirements, skip the "secure boot" requirement and sell it with Android or Linux (Say Plasma Active, WebOS or Boot2Gecko). Hell, things seems to be happening in interesting ways right now. First there is the Spark tablet. And now i read that a company has started selling a hacker (classic sense) friendly set of tablets (7" and 4:3 10") for developer preview. In either case there are some driver issues tho...

Comment Re:UI variance ? (Score 1) 282

This likely because they do not want to hand Linux the tools to become big on ARM. MS is mandating a very PC like system design for their ARM version. There will be a EFI/BIOS boot, PCI style device enumeration and similar. This is all things that Torvalds was ranting about ARM lacking and therefore painful to work with. By locking out alternative OSs, MS likely hopes to avoid what made them big in the first place. And that was the rush of PC clones once the IBM BIOS was reverse engineered (and proven as such in court). This because the rest of the PC was all off the shelf parts that any company could source and put together. Only the bootstrap was IBM proprietary. Once that cat was out of the bag, MS could sell its DOS layer for any of the clones and so provide a common API layer. And the rest is history.

Comment Re:Considering who most computer users are these d (Score 1) 282

That in part is what a scroll bar is. The one on the side of my firefox window right now shows i am about 1/4 down the page while writing this. I never understood this drive towards removing scroll bars from tablets. On phones they may eat up too much space, but on tablets? And now Apple appears to have stripped them out of OSX as well, so we can be damn sure that Gnome, Unity and Windows will follow suit.

Still, the latest ribbon idea from Microsoft seems to be to hide by default. With that, and perhaps setting a Word to fit the whole page on screen (much like a ebook or PDF) one could then use whole screen swipes to go back and forth (with some for paging interfaces that could come into view). Sometimes i wonder why they got the whole "ream of paper" idea from (tho the office toilet may be a good guess).

Still, i think MS is doing it this way to make the transition as painless as possible in terms of relearning. This is something they seem to always consider. Win8 may be the first time since Win95 that MS tries to do a whole new UI, and even with Win95 one could revert back to the Win3.x "desktop" if one wanted (it was hiding in the wings, iirc).

Comment Re:eee slate heading in the right direction (Score 1) 282

But the price is nuts.

Thing is that Microsoft have manged to maintain their hold on the office because "everyone" is familiar with Windows. This because even the cheapest x86 comes with Windows pre-installed. Now if MS wants to go big on tablet, they really need to get them into the hands of everyday users so that they can point out the window when a CEO/CFO/CIO raises the question of training.

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