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Submission + - Rock Band Footage (

Corrado writes: "Just cruising around the web and I found some details and a video of the upcoming Rock Bank video game. Basically the video shows a team of 4 Harmonix engineers going through Welcome to the Jungle by GnR and it's awesome!"

Feed Apple toughens iPhone screen, boosts battery life (

Glass display to hinder scratches?

Apple has upped its claim for the iPhone's battery life, now saying the touchscreen smart phone will offer an eight-hour talk time. It's also decided to ship the machine with a glass front in a bid to beat the scratches spotted by so many early iPod Nano buyers.

Feed iPhone to feature eight hours of talk, new glass surface (

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Apple's tooting its own horn about some new spec upgrades to its imminent iPhone. No, it's not 3G, GPS or anything crazy like that, but we'll settle for a battery life upgrade anytime, and screen durability doesn't hurt neither. Apple claims that its preliminary estimates of 5 hours of talk time, internet use and video playback were a tad conservative, and the iPhone instead will be boasting of 8 hours of chatting, 6 hours of internet and 7 hours of video. Audio playback has been boosted from 16 to 24 hours, and standby is at a welcome 250 hours. Of course, Apple does have tendency to exaggerate slightly on the battery life front, but these are promising figures, and should manage to provide a day or two's worth of solid use out of the thing. On the screen side, Apple has upgraded the original plastic surface of the phone to some "optical-quality glass" to improve scratch resistance and clarity. Check after the break for a handy battery life chart.

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Submission + - Xandros acquires Scalix (

phess writes: "After establishing a still secret contract with Asus for US$ 15 million (for 5 million Intel's Classmate PC licenses), Xandros acquired groupware solution maker Scalix for a value still unrevealed. More details should come throughout the day."

Submission + - Is the DUB phone the perfect cell phone?

An anonymous reader writes: Everyone turns into a critic when they are presented with a new product yet few are brave enough to suggest an alternative. But it looks like Andrew Lim,'s mobile phone editor, has had enough of criticizing and has come up with what he thinks is the perfect cell phone. The DUB phone, which stands for design, usability and battery life, is the "fruit of years of observations". One of the more ingenious parts of the design is a dual battery system — one for MP3 player, one for phone.

Feed AMD's Smart Strike: Athlon X2 BE-2350 (

AMD's new sub-$100 low-power (45 W) dual core processor defines a new segment in the efficient desktop computing market. How does it compare to Intel's $100 Pentium Dual Core 2160?


Submission + - Novell says desktop Linux costs 10% of Vista

Robert writes: Novell Inc might have signed a patent and interoperability deal with Microsoft Corp but it is not about to give up competing with the software giant and last week released a study that suggests its Linux desktop product is better value than Windows Vista. The Waltham, Massachusetts-based company's competitive guide compares SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop with Windows Vista and claims that the Linux product provides 90% of Vista's functionality and 10% of the price.

Submission + - Would a cheap iPhone 'developer license' work?

JJC writes: "How about if Apple issued cheap 'developer licenses' for the iPhone that allowed you to develop and run unofficial software on your own device, but didn't give you the ability to distribute your software to regular iPhones that don't have the license. That way the tinkerers of the world could have all the geeky fun they wanted, without hurting Apple's and Cingular's business interests. The licenses would be cheap enough for "hobby programmers", but expensive enough that no-one would try and sell the software they'd developed, hoping that the users would buy a developer license in order to run it. I'm thinking $100 would be the sweet price-point, and I for one would be there in a flash."
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Submission + - 10 reasons why the iPhone might flop

zerg68 writes: The development of the iPhone took more than 2 years, and during all the time a legion of Apple fans dreamed about the mythic device that was suppose to redefine the rules of the mobile communications industry. January 9th and Apple finally unveils its long-waited mobile phone. The press and the stock markets acclaimed the announcement while consumers all over the world shuddered by the thought of possessing one. So far so good. But what if the iPhone turns out to be a flop? What if Apple's strategy reveals to be wrong and the iPhone sales do not live up to the expectations? The Innovation Zen site has an interesting list titled "10 reasons why the iPhone might flop". Do you think the arguments are valid?
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Submission + - Gaming with iPhone

mankee writes: "Excogito has an interesting article where he discusses how the accelerometer functionality of Apple iPhone can be used for touch/button free scrolling of music files, panning of maps and even playing games."

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