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Comment Re:and apparently... (Score 3, Insightful) 425

That's not really the point. The point is that they are demonized beyond what the facts can support. Take a recent world leader for example. He kicked off two (arguably) illegal wars leading to the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians, took his country several steps back in terms of rights and freedoms and claimed his policy was guided by god. Surely this is a worse record than Ahmadinejad's but his reputation seems to have settled more on charismatic fool than evil psycho.

Comment Re:Why Dinosaurs? (Score 1) 208

Why explore the deep ocean floor when there are so many unexplored tidal regions? Why send missions to mars when we haven't even built a permanent base on the moon? Why research cures for non-fatal disease when cancer is still killing people? nauseum. You of course realise that attempting to create a pseudo-dinosaur with modified chicken DNA doesn't prevent anyone from also trying to resurrect other extinct species? Also the techniques used would presumably have much wider applications in the field of genetics.

Comment Re:Privacy != Personal Space (Score 1) 387

This gets modded insightful? In any case where a person responds to a perceived threat, there is a test for reasonableness. You might find a jury that thinks being on camera is threatening enough to require a physical response but its more likely that if you attack a cameraman, you'll find yourself being prosecuted.

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