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Comment Re:Privacy != Personal Space (Score 1) 387

This gets modded insightful? In any case where a person responds to a perceived threat, there is a test for reasonableness. You might find a jury that thinks being on camera is threatening enough to require a physical response but its more likely that if you attack a cameraman, you'll find yourself being prosecuted.

Comment Re:When Zuckie himself is selling shares (Score 1) 267

Good analysis except for a few incorrect assertions. FB is not growing exponentially in revenue or profit terms and can't grow exponentially in users given that its at 900m user accounts (less unique users).

Full year revenue:
2008: 272m
2009: 777m (285% growth)
2010: 2,000m (257% growth)
2011: 3,700m (185% growth)

Full year EPS:
2008: -0.06
2009: 0.10 (n/a from neg)
2010: 0.28 (280% growth)
2011: 0.46 (164% growth)

Comment Re:fearmongering (Score 1) 266

Your problem is that you want a simple explanation for the universe for reasons that are your own. Unfortunately reality is very complex - possibly to the point of being beyond our abilities to understand. Simply plugging the hole with a creator and/or active god does not advance our understanding at all. Aristotle was a very smart guy but if you think anyone alive several thousand years ago had it all figured out then you are delusional. I think Socrates was much closer to the mark:

I know one thing, that I know nothing.

Comment Re:Giant Mistake? (Score 2) 333

Really? The same 911 perpetrated by mostly Saudi's? Starting a war in Afghanistan for harboring Bin Laden is a bit like bombing a neighborhood that won't co-operate with police. I'm sure a SWAT raid that resulted in 20,000 civilian and almost 3,000 friendly casualties would be viewed as an abject failure. That's before you even consider that Bin Laden was eventually killed in Pakistan!!

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