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Sun Microsystems

Submission + - ZFS will offer a new level of Data Protection

widhalmt writes: "According to a blog posting by Richard Elling, a further release of Suns ZFS Filesystem will introduce a technique called "ditto blocks" which will allow to automatically copy data within one storage device or meta device.

As you can set this per filesystem one can create one large metadevice out of e.g. many Raid devices and create "low security" filesystems without ditto blocks and and "high security" filesystems with instant copies spread over the different raid arrays. Even if one whole Raid Array fails, the filesystem with ditto blocks enabled will still work as normal.

This adds further levels of data protection to really important data as well as more granularity to chose how "secure" your data should be.

Some Maths about what combination of raidlevels and copy levels is best suited for your needs can be found within the posting linked above."

Submission + - Finally, procfs for Mac OS X

An anonymous reader writes: Have a burning desire to browse processes as files on your Mac like you can on most UNIX type systems? Amit Singh over at the Mac OS X Internals site has released an open source procfs filesystem for OS X. The implementation uses Google's MacFUSE which brought all the goodness of user filesystems to Mac earlier this year. In addition to things like Mach task and thread info, virtual memory, ports etc... The procfs also shows motionsensor and lightsensor data so you can simply cat these files to get sensor readings. Just like on Linux. There's also code to show TPM chip info. Cool! PS: didn't know kernel is pid 0 :)

Breakpoints have now been patented 412

An anonymous reader noted that apparently Breakpoints have now been patented. From the link "A method for debugging including the steps of receiving code having a software breakpoint function therein, running the code for the purpose of debugging, monitoring the code to detect the presence of the software breakpoint function, recognizing the software breakpoint function, determining an action to be performed based on the software breakpoint function, and implementing the action. The present invention also includes an apparatus for implementing the method for debugging and a medium embodying a program of instructions for execution by a device to perform the method for debugging."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - The nightmare of Xbox live DRM

Darren writes: There is a huge elephant in the room with XBox Live. If you are one of the "3 to 5%" (ha!) of XBox 360 owners who have had to have their defective console replaced, you'll suddenly find that the content you legally purchased on XBox Live is only playable by the same account that downloaded it, and only when you're connected. This is Microsoft's way of punishing you for having a defective console. 55 page (and counting) discussion here. — but no solution from Microsoft yet, just an awkward work-around. (I'm currently on console #7.) This was made all the worse by the recent 14 hour+ XBox Live outage.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Linux Bootlader for xbox360 - XeLL

Anonymous Coward writes: "XeLL is the Xenon Linux Loader. It's a second-stage bootloader and is usually run by an exploit. The method of booting this is not a part of this project. XeLL catches CPU threads, sets them up (basically setting HRMOR to zero), loads an ELF file from either network (tftp) or CDROM, and launches it. It also contains a flat device tree for linux. cdrom.c includes a very simple ISO9660 parser, which tries to boot the file named ""vmlinux". lwIP ( is used for networking. Network config is currently hardcoded in network.c (and main.c). XeLL also contains a HTTP server. It is not really used. XeLL is licensed under the GPL v2, and no other version. Xenon-specific stuff of XeLL was written by Felix Domke , other parts where taken from other free sourcecodes. No non-free hardware documentation was used for developing XeLL. XeLL is in a very early stage, but is (most of the time) fully working."
Sun Microsystems

Ian Murdock Joins Sun 123

RLiegh sends us the second piece of news today featuring Debian founder Ian Murdock. In an entry on his blog, Murdock announced that he is joining Sun Microsystems as their chief operating platforms officer. As he put it in his opensolaris post, this "...basically means I'll be in charge of Sun's operating system strategy, spanning Solaris and Linux." In all likelihood one of his first priorities will be "closing the usability gap" between Solaris and Linux.

Submission + - The Sun, not Man, is Causing Global Warming

Sterling D. Allan writes: "There are plenty good reasons to go green. Global warming isn't one of them. A 76-minute documentary produced in England and published on YouTube destroys the arguments put forward by Al Gore and other activists who lay the primary blame for Global Warming at the feet of mankind. According to the documentary, CO2 historically lags earth mean temperatures by several hundred years. The lock-step relationship is between solar activity and earth temperatures. Man's contribution is puny in comparison. The earth has seen temperatures much warmer than today in previous cyclical periods."

Submission + - Learning Assembly programming

intelinsight writes: "How relevant or useful is it to learn Assembly programming language in the current era? Consider this question in the lieu of the current s/w development needs and also the claims of the Assembly lovers for it being a language giving one insights of the internal working of a computer."

Submission + - Vacuum tube turns 100

wenko writes: "The device that heralded the beginning of the 20th century electronics industry first saw the light of day in late 1906, just over a century ago. This was the triode electron tube, or audion, as its inventor called it."

Submission + - Vista cracked thanks to Microsoft

Torrentex writes: "Following hot on the heels of the "Brute Force Keygen" for Vista which ultimately proved to be a hoax, a piracy group called Pantheon has released a full Vista crack. This one has been tested by the community and works 100% of the time. It exploits activation functionality Microsoft intentionally built in for OEM system makers churning out thousands of PCs at a time who don't have time to activate each machine individually."

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