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Comment Re:Best example of Vaporware I've heard in a while (Score 1) 130

Interesting take. I've always lived by the gospel that if you put a packet on the radio you are playing it mighty close and packet loss will trigger the congestion avoidance sooner or later. AFAIK most mainstream congestion avoidance implementations will actually happily take into account late replies (causing recalculation of mean RTT) and adjust accordingly. Anything I'm missing?

(also - burn the bastards who like to put extra buffers and proxies in _MY_ TCP conversation)

Comment Re:A lot of apps use SSL (Score 1) 141

With android a common problem is which CAs are recognised, which versions of their root certs and which operators have decided to fuck up the cert chain due to political reasons.

Also - whether webview in applications support the same cert chains that browsers do or subset at mercy of 3 year old out of date build.

So yeah, as far as I'm concerned the SSL on android is generally useless. Due to SSL being unusable in real world more so than due to 'lazy devs'.

Comment Re:That's a bit beyond a 'performance machine' (Score 1) 303

Apart from the PSU requirement* (really, WTF? The rest describes a 500W system at peak load max) it's not a high end system - a mainstream system within 18 months max.

* Then again, cheap 1000W PSU's are only reliably capable of 500W or so anyway. Which actually translates to approx. 150W for the system + 200-250W to the GPU at the peak load + margin.

Comment Yes, Hans Reiser was convicted (Score 0) 317

As far as anybody should care this does not matter much - it says fairly little with regards to whether he actually did or did not kill his wife and unless there's a body and physical evidence (and as far as I know there is only circumstantial - his wife has been in his car, yeah, surprise), this will remain a not quite shut and sealed matter.

If the filesystem is any good the issue above is moot regardless. Just stop with the cheap puns. Guilty or not, being convicted is a very shady metric to determine it reliably.

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