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Comment Re:Cloud services are for idiots. (Score 1) 157

I think your model breaks down as businesses move closer to monopolies, as has been the case for the past 30 years. Right now, we have a few parties quite content to collude together to fuck over their customers (LIBOR, RIAA CD price fixing, wireless providers capping data plans, etc., etc.).

Comment Re:Its a miss... (Score 1) 242

Even more insane is that a company that makes purely luxury products has the largest market cap in what everyone has been touting as a "great recession".

There is no recession among the customers for luxury goods. Our system is designed so that there can never be one.

Our system is not designed so much as steered by those with the most capital. If it is profitable to create a recession for luxury goods, there will be one. There is more money in the system than has ever existed in human history, and production has never been higher.

Comment I'm starting to notice a pattern... (Score 1) 377

In the Apple vs Samsung patent war, it seems like almost every Apple initiated suit results in a win or injunction, but a Samsung initiated suit usually results in a loss followed by a judge that questions why a suit like it should even be brought up. The main outcome is stifling innovation and reducing competition for end consumer.

Comment Re:Fewer, but more destructive (Score 1) 707

There are other models you could use. For example, in the US, the second amendment allows private citizens to arm themselves and we have more guns per capita than other countries as a result. Because of the proliferation of arms in the US, we should have correspondingly low crime rates, since armament is a deterrence.

Comment Re:Oblig: TED Talk (Score 1) 372

That's why we currently rely on private companies to make the decisions on who is a good research and who is a bad researcher when a company in total only makes two or three really profitable drugs every decade.

This is historically false. Oncology is currently the biggest money maker for the pharmaceutical industry, but the field didn't exist before the government established the NCI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_cancer_institute

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