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Comment Re:Brilliant? (Score 1) 743

If you genuinely believe that the concept of not fucking over your fellow man when given the choice only has a potential impact on your well being in the after life then it is you who is the fucking moron. If you don't burn the people you interact with at every opportunity they will be aware of it at some point and be less inclined to burn you when the chance strikes. Not every time and in every situation, but in general. You might even find that over a long course of this behavior one will actually take a moment to piss on you one day when you are on fire. If on the other hand you do burn everyone every time it benefits you, you will quickly find yourself surrounded by people who will go out of their way to accidentally spill an accelerant on you in such a moment.

It's called Karma and it isn't some voodoo magical effect the universe tosses back on you. It is simple statistical probability the builds as a result of the good or poor will you build in social interaction vs the probability of something in the life depending on good poor will from another in turn.

As for the rest of what people toss in with morals and ethics. Obviously you aren't familiar with my posting history.

Comment Re:So is this because... (Score 2) 186

Exactly who is you think secures and operates those tanks, guns, missiles, chopers etc? The men and women of the military are sworn to uphold the constitution and to the people and have already indicated they are willing to shed blood to defend those oaths. Do you really think there would be no defection to the revolution bringing arms with it? What about the national guard units and armories?

I was in the military. I know a lot of other people who were in the military. Just because they follow orders and serve their country the best they can doesn't mean they are happy about the way the government pisses on our constitution. If they think there is a REAL chance to fight and make it right, there are no shortage ready to help however they can.

Comment Re:so he did in fact break the law (Score 4, Insightful) 743

Snowden's abusing his powers is an act of civil disobedience. The same tatics were used by Ghandi and the civil rights movement. It's a wrong that warrants a "tsk tsk, don't do that" and a stern look. He did it to expose evils so great and widespread that it would be hard to figure out which of the hundreds involved who merit it should be executed for treason first. That's not shoot the messenger here.

Comment Re:Betteridge is actually wrong this time (Score 3, Interesting) 159

A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative growth. Thus, the recession is technically over.

This definition is fundamentally flawed. Under this, it is technically possible for an economy to decline indefinitely which never actually entering a recession. GDP change from quarter to quarter could progress like so

-2.0%, +0.1%, -2.0%, +0.1%, -2.0%, +0.1%, -2.0%, +0.1%, .....

Which works out at a -3.7% decline every year, but still technically no recession. This is what we refer to in the mathematical business as "absurd".

Unfortunately, this appears to be exactly how the political class across the Eurozone appears to doing. The continent is slowly imploding, but event one 0.1% quarter of growth is taken as proof that "The recession is over". The way the modern world is going, I'm really beginning to understand exactly how the Soviet Union operated on a political level.

Comment Re:It's much worse than that. (Score 2) 413

There is nothing you can do to defend yourself against an agency that knows everything you do. What are you supposed to do? Tell them no and hope they play nice?

I've said it once and I'll say it again. "Enemy of the State" is a movie that gets more scarier and more precient with each passing year. It's only a matter of time until a senator really is outright murdered.

Comment Re:We can't win without eliminating FISA. (Score 2) 413

The only way to win this is to get FISA eliminated. Without first eliminating the gag orders and the Star Chamber...I mean FISA courts, we cannot succeed on the whole.

You don't have to eliminate the gag orders. They're blatantly unconstiutional.

I see a lot of people taking the attitude of basically "wait and see" when it comes to these gag order. This is absurd in the extreme. All such actions do is reinforce the fear and thrid hand authority of these "orders".

The best thing everyone in reciept of such a gag order can do is publish or publisice it in the same way as any ordinary warrant served. They will try to prosecute, but in so doing they will have to put their law to the test. They don't want to do that -- yet. So, I'd hurry up and publish.

Comment Re:TED talk explains how the OSS philosophy applie (Score 1) 160

Drug companies don't have any "their" drugs. Scientists who works for drug companies do. The drug companies are the "generous benefactor" in the current scenario. Ditch the patents, change the FDA oversight to something closer to what you have for food... check production is as it should be, confirm what they are selling is what they claim and not something known to be dangerous. Then take away all legal immunity that is granted by going through the current process. Toss out grants and funding to encourage the efforts.

If scientists were working for themselves, pooling resources to get and share equipment and distribution lines. The money they make just being the first one to market with a drug would likely be much more than they are paid by drug companies.

Comment Alright then. Carry On. (Score 5, Insightful) 382

Oh I see. The man searched thinks it was all just a misunderstanding. I guess that makes it OK then.

I guess it also covers the costs in time, money, equipment and paperwork spent on a search that should never have happened. I guess it also makes up for any useful work the men involved could have been engaged in like looking for actual terrorists or investigating organised crime in the banks. I would worry about how the NSA's Ur-dragnet/Informer hotline is throwing up so many false flags that law enforcement is now too busy to deal with actual problem, but this splendidly chipper blog post had allayed all of my concerns.

I'm glad that's all cleared up then.

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