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Comment Re:We can learn from the termites how to fix Socie (Score 5, Insightful) 158

I can tell by observing you and me of course, that we're not rich. All my rich friends doesn't concern themselves with luxuries because as you said, there's only so much you can snort. The short-term reasons as you listed out are also valid. Namely doing what you love and money just comes in by accident, and earning it as a number game because all their friends have the Mercedes and the only way to "win" is to have bigger numbers.

Most what I've seen though, is the idea of a rich lineage. This is for both the second gen (born rich) and first gen (made rich) dudes I know. They aren't just concerned with themselves, but with godlike generations after them. It doesn't mean they'll spoil their kids with crazy luxuries. It means that their kids will have a wider range of choices in what to do with their life versus us. And their grand-kids and so on. When your objective is that, you wouldn't mind "more" money really.

Comment Break up interview. (Score 1) 550

Not unlike your ex calling you to discuss the "reason" for the break up yeah? Nothing good comes out of whatever reason there were, ever. Why? Because every single relationship is complex and different, much like jobs. The lessons you learned in the last one can mean diddly in the next, well, some are valuable and might help with the next.. ..Until you break up again. Now explain that.

I only say good things when I go as that's the least you can do.

Comment Re:Schisms (Score 1) 634

I am glad that the timing of TNG coincided with grade 12 when I was inspired by both my English teacher and Shakespearean plays. Coming home watching star trek with mom (TOS fan) is one of the great memories I have.

Two months ago, I started watching TNG again, and last week finished it once again and I completely agree with your episodes choice. If it wasn't for grade 12 though, ST wouldn't be as good.


Which Fading Smartphone Company Is More Valuable To Microsoft, RIM Or Nokia? 222

colinneagle writes "Nokia and RIM, the two former leaders in the early smartphone market, are now basically at the end stage of their downward spirals. This is an opportunity for Microsoft, which wants to make some inroads in the smartphone market, assuming Microsoft it can play its cards right. The question is which firm is worth more. Both have their values, especially in the patent areas. In terms of just smartphones, Microsoft would probably gain more from RIM, because it could integrate BlackBerry Enterprise Server into its own server products. Nokia, though, is a much older player and probably has a lot more of a patent portfolio. The question then becomes which is an easier purchase. Nokia is a 150-year-old storied company. The Finns may not be too keen to let it go to an American firm. There is the distinct possibility Microsoft acquires both firms and keeps the best of both worlds for hardware. But where does that leave OEM partners like LG, HTC and ZTE?"

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