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Comment Philosophy major here. (Score 1) 504

I went from HTML coding as hobby in 1994 to computer tutor -> Y2K tester/patcher -> Job finding club.

There the host knew my old boss who's into technical/customer support and she also read that I put down computer hardware stuff in my resume. From there, I learned flash and web by myself. Moved to hong kong in 2000 where no one knew flash and joshua davis was just starting out. Made money off it. Learn print, layout stuff with AI. Switch Co., more prints, picked up camera in 2007, learn more prints, learn facebook, wildfire, etc.

Shoot stuff on the side for monies. Day job graphic designer for a PR firm, though not as much graphics nowadays, mostly online stuff. Night job, shoot stuff.

None of my previous employer asked, cared, or seen my degree.

Comment Re:Programming for programmings "own sake" (Score 1) 276

Finding my wife gave me my first experiences of happiness, but I was still unsatisfied.

Aww.. but hey, have you tried a second wife? ;) Apparently meditation for you as comedy's for me eh. I don't focus in success and failures also. I tend to focus on immediate and mid term happiness and ignoring the long term.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 1040

Most people think they're "above average" drivers. Any trucker will tell you how few driver actually are above average, and it has less to do with reflexes and more to do with courtesy.

I wish I can mod you up. So little people get this.

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