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Comment Re:maybe Allah created life? (Score 1) 763

Just in case this reply went to the wrong level: What I was searching for were *logical consistency* and *a good model of human behavior* in my religion. Buddhism and Catholicism won out; the other contenders all had logical inconsistencies that made them unbelievable (especially atheistic scientism- the universe is observable except when it comes to morality, which is the only place it is irrational? How does that make anything close to sense? Not to mention, all moral authorities should be rejected but scientific authorities should be accepted and their "proved" hypotheses should never be retested?!?!?!? And they call fundamentalists irrational!)

Comment Re:Texas would like to think of it as a hypothesis (Score 1) 763

I fail to see how the sisters and mothers of homosexual men having more children, make that a survival trait for the *MEN*. In fact, that article actually agrees with me, saying the main strategy for spreading genetic homosexuality is to *sacrifice* the men, and make the women more likely to reproduce.

Having said that, I thank you greatly for giving me the evolutionary proof for feminism.

Comment Re:maybe Allah created life? (Score 1) 763

I've got 2000 years worth of observed data that convinced me it is correct, is why I make that assumption.

Atheistic modern science has what, maybe 400 years or so? If that. The grand majority of atheist traditions have a tendency to start with the assumption that people in the past were all idiots and had nothing worthwhile to say at all.

Comment Re:hey, anything that makes science 'opinion'... (Score 1) 763

It's hard to observe something in the past. But there are ways that give us clues. I'm no creationist. More of a Theistic Evolutionist (TE, unlike ID, holds that *every* observation has to be true, and that where scripture conflicts with science, science wins).

But that's all they are, clues. They can give us a model. They can't give us reality that we can't observe.

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