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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 467

Or, as GK Chesterton put it in _All Things Considered_:

When I was a very young journalist I used to be irritated at a peculiar habit of printers, a habit which most persons of a tendency similar to mine have probably noticed also. It goes along with the fixed belief of printers that to be a Rationalist is the same thing as to be a Nationalist. I mean the printer's tendency to turn the word "cosmic" into the word "comic." It annoyed me at the time. But since then I have come to the conclusion that the printers were right. The democracy is always right. Whatever is cosmic is comic.

Comment Re::-) Nice one (Score 1) 49

I prefer my Bible in Latin. But really, the original *AMERICAN* Bible is the 1611 KJV with several books removed. I always blamed that on Martin Luther, but he just said they were unnecessary; it took American printers working under Capitalism to notice they could sell a thinner Bible for the same amount, less cost, and more profit.

Comment Don't we already have this? (Score 4, Informative) 257

Something similar has been available for YEARS- all you need do is ask the phone company to invalidate the IMEI number.and/or activate the memory wipe software built into Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Has Symbian and Blackberry been left out of this feature? I would have thought consumer demand for it would have produced it on those platforms as well long ago.

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