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Journal Journal: Happy Birthday to Me 8

Remember the Reason for the Season: December 24th is my birthday!

In the dawn of my 42nd year, I'd like to reflect on what made the 41st so superb: Me, I am awesome.

Have a great Day After Grub's Birthday tomorrow, everyone! :)
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Journal Journal: Seen On Slash Hits 2000 Slashdot Comments 3

It's a few weeks short of two years since we began Seen On Slash to collect the best Slashdot comments. Today we hit 2000 comments collected. Thanks for your great submissions! They keep me laughing every day.

Top 10 Slashdot users with the most comments Seen on Slashdot:
204 Anonymous Coward
21 Tackhead
10 eln
9 kfg
9 Rob T Firefly
8 gEvil (beta)
7 Kadin2048
7 LiquidCoooled
7 spun
7 User 956

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Journal Journal: Keybindings in Discussion2 21

Since this is not yet documented, I figured I would mention this here now... we are experimenting with some very rudimentary keystroke navigation in the discussion2 system. We support both FPS style WASD keybindings, as well as the standard vi layout of HJKL. Down/Up will cycle you through next/previous comment chronologically... left/right will cycle you through next/previous in thread order. Holding SHIFT down while you press the navigation key will collapse the previous comment. And when you get to the end, pressing down or right will attempt to retrieve more comments if you want them.

What this means is that you can now use D2 to simulate most of the most popular viewing modes of the original discussion system. By dragging both the abbreviate & display sliders right next to each other you effectively remove abbreviated comments which simulates nested mode. By toggling comment retrieval order to 'Oldest First' and using up down, you can effectivel read the discussion from oldest to newest. And of course the default settings gives you the best comments first, providing a nice default view of discussions for most anonymous users (who rarely participate and we want to really show only the best comments).

You can also disable D2 in the comment prefs (the word 'prefs' in the floating dialog box) if you are logged in. Right now we're testing D2 for a large percentage of anonymous readers. As soon as we finish IE7 support we'll roll out D2 for the rest of the ACs.

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Journal Journal: A2 Party, T-Shirts, California 4

The Ann Arbor party seemed to go great- lots of people packed Leopold Bros place, doing battle with barflies and football fans. It was somewhat bizarre watching obvious normal bar people try to figure out what this large crowd of 'different' people were all about. We handed out a ton of t-shirts, drank much alcohol, ate nachos etc. Our party had a great number of Slashdot and SourceForge staffers... all folks who have been with Slashdot for so many years it's hard to remember Slashdot without them. I'm not exactly sure how many people eventually showed up... a lot of our RSVPs didn't show, and a lot more didn't bother sign up at all, so I think the two balanced out.

For me personally these sorts of things are always difficult. I'm not very good at crowds. I can smile for a picture, but I'm perpetually nervous when surrounded by strangers who have certain expectations of me. There's a reason I live life behind a keyboard!

Further compounding matters lately is baby induced chronic sleep deprivation. Me want REM cycles. It's always nice to get out and have a beer. Kathleen & I get only so many hours "out" together now, gotta make each one count. The party attendees were all cool... and understanding that I was pretty tired.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who showed up... I've still got the california party later this week. Hopefully my throat heals up by then. The only real problem with this location was the acoustics... I had to shout to be heard, and stick my ear in front of people to hear them (baby crying has done some amount of hopefully temporary ear damage). My throat is raaaaw from yelling. Sucking on cough drops helps.

As for other parties, boxes have been shipped. Hopefully they have arrived to most places on time, although I think they were shipped on a slowish shipping option so I'm not sure. I know some folks got shirts on friday, but I'm sure the others will arrive monday or so. Also, keep in mind that we only had 700 shirts and 2300 attendees from 136 parties with more than 5 attendees. So obviously not every party is getting a box... when we sent out the bulk mail, we had over 100 replies, and I'm sure there was nowhere near enough to fill even that.

But shirts or not, I hope your parties go well. Remember to submit videos or pictures or whatever to anniversary at slashdot dot org for your chance at the $1k ThinkGeek gift certificate grand prize.

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Journal Journal: Parties 10

So if you only count anniversary parties with 5 or more attendees, we have 128 venues with a grand total of 2366 attendees. The largest parties include Pudge's in seattle with 129, mine in Ann Arbor with 194 and Hemos's in CA with 197.

I'm sure that there will be many RSVPs that no show, but still, that's still an awful lot of interest. We'll be shipping shirts to a good number of those parties, but we have triple the attendees to shirts available, so we'll see just how far we're able to spread the love. Emails will be going out to party planners in the next couple days to get postal addresses.

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Journal Journal: A2 Party Venue Change

As we're nearing 100 signed up people for the A2 Slashdot anniversary party, we've changed the venue to Leopold Bros... it's just a block south from the other place and they can handle us. I've also got word that we'll be printing a few hundred extra shirts since there was already like 50 parties with 5+ people in attendance. We certainly won't have enough for everyone, but we'll make a good dent in it.

I will of course put this information into a story next reasonable chance I get for a story, but I figured at least I could get the word out there. The anniversary party entry on the official page has been updated with the new location & address.

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Journal Journal: Anniversary Parties, Important Notes 6

The A2 party already has like 70 signed up. We're going to have to rethink venue or time I think if we really have that many people. Wait a few more days and see what we can work out. Keep reading in the party forum for info. We have 500 shirts to print and hand out... it'll be fun to see where they go.

more info as I get it. There will be notes on future stories as days get closer.

Journal Journal: Attention iPhone Users! 20

If any of you are using an iPhone and are willing to help test out some Slashdot handheld crap, shoot me off a note... my email is the same address as always, and if you can't guess it, you probably can't help anyway ;) I've built a stylesheet and Tim put together a few little options that we think will make a few bits of Slashdot look nice on an iPhone (or really most lower resolution displays) but unfortunately none of us actually HAVE one yet... so anyway, let us know. Or if you work at Apple, send us freebies dammit!
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Journal Journal: Virtual Machine advice please. 14

Once again I reach out to that vast pool of knowledge at slashdot...

Scenario: I have a couple of decent machines on the desktop at home. One is an AMD-2500xp+ running Win2000. It's used for games. The other machine is an AMD64-3800x2 (64 bit dual core thing) It's running Ubuntu. Rest of the place is all OpenBSD on various machines and one FreeBSD box.

I'm thinking that I really don't need to keep 2 machines running on the desk. Ideally I'd have some sort of VM manager running on the Linux AMD64 box which I could run a Windows VM in for when I need my gaming fix. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a VM manager. I have only a few needs:

- It has to run a normal 32 bit Windows in a VM on this 64 bit box so I can reinstall Win2k on it or a copy of normal XP, not XP64.
- It must support the 3d capabilities of my graphics card (ATI 9800 Pro).
- It must support my Audigy2 sound card (no stuttering, etc)

I've looked at Xen but my processor lacks the AMD-V (nee Pacifica) goop to run Windows unmodified. QEMU and VirtualBox also look nice. So far, though, it looks like VMWare is the one to beat. I'm not shy about spending a few bucks to get it.

There you have it. All suggestions are appreciated.
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Journal Journal: Slashdot or Multiply 10

I'm on both right now ('grieder' on Multiply) and find that Slashdot is much more to my liking. Granted I haven't done much on Multiply other than read and post a few comments but it's just not my thing. Much of what I see on Multiply has been linked over from slashdot and I just don't see the need for a second discussion forum.

Rather than deleting my multiply account and dropping it entirely, I've turned off all email alerts for everything other than private messages. That way I can see if I really miss it (doubtful)

Slashdot is a news site (or so they claim ;)) with some good discussions in the comments geared to the story. Multiply seems much more contrived... Come up with a topic and hope people talk about it.

YMMV, but I'm sticking close to the loveable ol' hag known as Slashdot.
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Journal Journal: One year as a parent. 2

Rewind Life's TiVo back to June 13, 2006 1:10 AM

I awoke to Kim's shrill "Gord, we have to go to the hospital now!" Arriving at the hospital her water broke and the nurse said "You're going to have her today".

What?! There was still 22 days left! Are we ready for this?!

Fast forward the TiVo to 12:33 PM There's our little girl just out. We are parents, a whole different demographic group than we were just a minute before at 12:32. Holy shit. All the reading and planning can't prepare you for that. I felt amazed and helpless and proud and scared.

The hospital sent us home two days later. Huh? They trust us with this fragile little entity? Aren't the car seat straps too tight? No, they have to be snug. That idiot is tail-gating us. Hrm, no he's far enough back. Our first drive home as a family was a blur. I was beat from not sleeping well on the pull-out 'dad' chair they had in the room. Kim was understandably a bit rough.

Here in .ca you're allowed about a year off of work for parental leave to be split however you want. I took the first month and Kim overlapped with me. Most days she would slept in while I drank a Bodum full of freshly ground espresso beans, it was the only thing that kept me going. I'd stay up late with Anna so Kim could get her sleep at that end of the day. The month flew by, it was a complete blur of diapers, espresso, downloaded TV shows and watching little Anna. Just watching her sleep. Hours would go by as she slept in my lap. Those were some of the best moments of my life.

Fast forward the TiVo to yesterday Our little girl was one year old. They picked me up at work for lunch. Took some nice pictures at 12:33 which will soon be on Anna's website.

So a year of diapers, some crying, watching her grow, working on her 9th tooth, standing, trying to walk, bathing her, swimming with her, watching her eat by herself and picking her favourites off the tray first, dancing in spot to music (yes, she likes the beat of Motorhead and High On Fire, don't tell Kim!) A year of watching her personality flourish and of enjoying her infectious smile that always seems planted on her face. A year of can't-wait-to-get-home-and-see-the-family after work, of walking to the park with Anna in her wagon.

Happy Birthday Anna!
Pics to be here soon
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Journal Journal: Seen On Slash Update

Seen On Slash, collecting the best slashdot comments, has been moved to a new host and has an updated theme. It's now extremely fast and a few quirks have been fixed. We're also working a few more feature improvements. Hundreds of members have submitted more than 1200 of their favorite slashdot comments. Enjoy!

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Journal Journal: No Mod Points for years now twice in a week?! 3

Not sure what the /. deities have been tweaking but I've received mod points twice this week after a few years of never getting them.

Ohhh the power... it's going to my head already. Grovel, swine!
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Journal Journal: Python, Ruby or ??? 4

I've got some larger projects around work, mainly networkish things (SNMP trapping, {Squid|PIX|routers|switches|WLAN|VPN} log parsing, nmap, etc.) and I'm at a crossroads between what language to use. I'm most comfortable with plain ol' C but that would be overkill for these jobs

I've done a fair amount of Python and am happy with it but have read great things about Ruby.

Basically I'm wanting something that works well with SNMP, has a good networking library and plays very nicely with Apache & PostgreSQL. The ability to script telnet and ssh stuff (ala Expect) would be a definite plus.

Simply put: I want to settle on a language for these types of projects. Input from anyone would be appreciated!

EDIT: Perl need not apply, I'd rather use awk.

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