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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 389

So...my iPhone should connect to any cellular service? Or....I can plug in my iPod into a linux box and the linux box has to recognize it and work with it without any additional software? Or....I can stick a DVD for a Windows game into my OSX system and play the game? Or, must Apple make every mobile application run on an iPhone (or even every application, period). That statement is so vague, it's ridiculous.

Comment I wonder about "Free" (Score 2, Interesting) 135

FTA: "any proprietary software is a computer that you don't control". How many people know half of what's going on with "Free" software? How many people not "into" tech know why free software is any different? And, how much free software is actually so thoroughly audited that everyone knows everything it does?

At some point, you have to take someone's word that the software you are loading on your computer is "trustworthy", unless you're going to write it all yourself. And even then, how much of that code is going to be your own, and how much will be copied from elsewhere?

Free software isn't inherently more trustworthy, it simply moves the trust relationship around.

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