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Submission + - The role of the internet in the news (

OffTheLip writes: The web site Info Wars is reporting on a possible connection between a posting in 4chan and the school shooting in Newtown Connecticut. According to the article a post was made on 4chan at 10:18pm Wednesday. The authenticity of the post is unclear but the bigger question for Slashdot, does the on-line community have an obligation to "out" this type of posting?

Comment Could be worse, HMS Bounty (Score 4, Interesting) 281

Abandoning ship into 25 foot lifeboats to battle monster seas is bad for the crew and hard work for the Coast Guard tasked with their safety. The graveyard of the Atlantic is set to claim another prize.

Comment Unsolicited parental input (Score 2, Insightful) 256

As an aging Slashdot'er and parent of two kid$ recently completing the "goat rope" called US college education I concur. The payout vs payoff would not be a consideration in my retirement portfolio but is status quo for our kids. I don't claim to have a solution, I'm glad I'm out of the game.

Linux Foundation Announces 2010 "We're Linux" Video Contest 460

prourl writes "The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced the 2010 'We're Linux' video contest. The contest seeks to find the best user-generated videos that demonstrate what Linux means to those who use it and inspire others to try it." Sadly, the winner will almost certainly be edited in Final Cut Pro on a Mac ;)

Submission + - SPAM: Work At Home Jobs

An anonymous reader writes: Work At Home Jobs are getting Real Buzz in Down Economy. Google is specially coming up as a Work At Home Opportunity.
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Submission + - SPAM: Want 100% Quality Hair Extensions?

dennipep writes: Home of the exclusive Limited Edition Dennipep Styler Iron, Hair Extensions and Makeup Brush Sets.Dennipep products are intended for professional use, although are now exclusively offered through selected salons and thru our website.
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Submission + - Mystery computer virus targets the law

OffTheLip writes: According to the article (, law enforcement agencies were struck by a "Mystery computer virus" Thursday. Systems belonging to the FBI and the U.S. Marshals were to shut down part as a precaution. An FBI spokesman claims no data was compromised by once again the question must be asked, why are these agencies connected to a public internet?

Comment Basic biological question (Score 1) 628

I spend time in a secluded fishing community where baiting crab pots and eating the rewards are a part of daily life. Not that this is special but they way the crabs are dispatched was different to me. They were "backed" and cleaned before cooking. I've never been completely comfortable with dropping a living crab into a pot of boiling water but assumed death was quick. After seeing live backing I don't know. From a crab prep point of view it was far easier to do it while they were living. From a crab's perspective I have my doubts. Tasted good though which is the real issue. If continue to prey on other species we live with the consequences and science may not provide comfort.

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