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Comment Re:...Slashdot? (Score 1) 91

It doesn't matter that their articles are completely illegible because none of them are real. This is the one day a year where Slashdot readers will be the very last to know about any real "news for nerds, stuff that matters". Slashdot is the only major geek news site that goes so overboard with it.

Comment Re:Wonder why they left out Lexar (Score 1) 164

Yes it is the one I want to depend on, and in fact do depend on. Because Lexar 1000x CF cards are the fastest cards out there in both read and write speeds. And that's by my actual experience and testing*, and not their advertising. I don't give a rat's ass what their PR department does.

*I shoot high school gymnastics with a Canon 7D. It is not unusual for me to shoot 4000 or more shots during a 2 hour event.

Comment But instead of doing this... (Score 3, Interesting) 81

Why not buy a device that does what you want, and there by support the manufacturer of a more open device so maybe they'll keep doing it, like a Nexus? Instead you'd rather give money to the maker of a closed system, which encourages them to keep it closed since everyone buys their crap anyway, and then you spend your time making it sort of do what you wanted in the first place.

Comment This does suck (Score 1) 211

Okay, yeah, a LotR slot machine may be repulsive.

But I find the fact that Tolkien has been dead just shy of 40 years but we're still dealing with rights on his work to be even more repulsive.

I can understand why his estate works so hard to protect the rights. If they didn't have them, they'd have to get real jobs instead of leaching off of an ancestor.

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