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Comment Apple and Guns (Score 1) 311

It's the guns that are responsible for the shootings. Forget Constitutional rights, just ban them and problem solved.
It's the iPhones/Pads that are responsible for the spike in crime that makes me look bad as America's Mayor. Blame them, and the dead guy, and I'm in the clear. Without a doubt if there weren't all of these lovely iPhones and iPads all over the place criminals would stop stealing stuff altogether, so spake Mayor Bloomberg (S)*

*(S) = the Stupid Party affiliation.

Comment Get Over It Assange (Score 0) 192

Julian should just go, face Swedish justice (which I never hear as ever being particularly bad or unfair), do his time if guilty (I've never seen Swedish prisons on the world's worst list and it's hardly a life sentence that he's facing), and finally put all of this nonsense behind him. Assange tries to act like he is somehow above The Law and that rankles a lot of people just in and of itself.

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