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Comment Re:Regarding massive land use changes (Score 0, Troll) 355

The amount of algae growth required for powering America's fleet of vehicles would cover every ocean and kill every single fish on the planet.

Land-based farms require pumping water, maintenance, energy, etc. If you build them in the desert, you suffer horrendous water losses. If you build them near the ocean, you encroach on livable and arable land.

Comment Re:Greentech! (Score 1) 552

Well, I don't hear any other message from any other environmental groups, so what am I supposed to believe?

Probably because you're intellectually lazy and don't bother looking for other environmental groups or doing some basic research about environmental issues. I guess the problem is that you absorb whatever "knowledge" is placed in front of you, without regard to its legitimacy or source.

Comment Re:Got any Gonads (Score 1) 550

An amorphous blob consisting of people who know basic physics, physics experts, knowledge gleaned from experiments, and people who observe things beyond the confines of this planet say you're absolutely wrong about everything you discuss on that "nasty little truths" page.

No ad-hominem here. Happy now?
Also, why do you need to know who he is or what he has done in order to defend your claim? It doesn't matter whether a world-renowned physicist or a schoolchild proves you wrong, as long as the rebuttal is based on facts.

Comment Re:Greentech! (Score 1) 552

they still have the views I pointed out in my post, and are extremely loud and abrasive about them.


I agree with you entirely. Most environmentalists do not.

Greenpeace does not even come close to representing the views of "most environmentalists".

Like you said, they are loud and abrasive. So is the Westboro Baptist Church.

Comment Re:Greentech! (Score 1) 552

You must have flunked basic English. Read that post again, paying careful attention to this part:
"...so they are grown for shipping and not nutrition, and then often picked unripe and gassed to give the appearance of freshness"
Shipping doesn't significantly affect nutritional value, but nutritional value is affected when crops are specifically grown for "durability" during shipping (rather than optimal nutritional value) and picked when not fully ripened (further reducing their already crippled nutritional value).

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