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Comment Don't stick to a single option only (Score 1) 261

My advice is to let the students decide what they want. Find a few for them to select from, give a short intro to each and show some screenshots and make the students select one. This way you'll get experience on which one is the best for the next course and make the students part of the course design. If they've had the chance to select their flavour, they'll be more likely to like it! And if you can find a few good, working solutions that cater to specific needs (like ease of use, security, nerd flavour, etc.), the better for everyone!

Comment Re:Move where? (Score 1) 1197

How about a nice warm country like Thailand? I was just there and happened to hurt my foot on some sharp rocks on the beach. Went to the local health clinic (not a hospital, just a couple of nurses there) and was treated within 10mins. The only cost was the price of the bandages needed, which amounted to about 2€. Went there everyday to have the cut disinfected and I was always greeted with a smile. On the last day left some more money in the donation box.

Specialized health care will of course be a lot more expensive but should still be a whole lot cheaper than in US or ye olde socialist Europe, but just as effective. And not to mention that the friendliness of the staff is on a completely different level.

Comment Re:Test Every Time (Score 1) 215

Technology you are referring to is known as Portal Dosimetry. In many hospitals it is required for all IMRT treatments. The simple fact however is that it takes time and as there are more patients to be treated than machines available, you won't be able to verify it for each session the patient comes in to (a typical session would be from 15 to 30 mins).

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