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Comment Re:I'm surprised that this technology is available (Score 1) 248

Newsflash, there are other things keeping the North Korea from entering into open war than just a field of mines. I mean, the North Koreans may even possess technology to go around mine fields!! Heck they could just send out all their prisoners and clear the mines with them!

To propose that North Korea would launch an attack if there was no mine field is ridiculous.

Comment Re:Windows 7 now has a math input panel (Score 1) 823

That's actually pretty cool, I didn't know that.

As I'm running Win7 at work so I just had to give this a go. With my mousing skills it takes quite a while to get the equation right. I would imagine it's very difficult to use that on a netbook. A factor slower than pen and paper anyway. For transferring your math from paper to computer I can see good use for this, though.

Comment Re:You probably shouldn't get it in the first plac (Score 1) 258

The simple fact is that the "swine flu" is the same as the "regular flu" that we get every year.

Generalizing much? H1N1 2009: "It has two genes from flu viruses that normally circulate in pigs in Europe and Asia and bird (avian) genes and human genes. Scientists call this a "quadruple reassortant" virus. (

If the flu vaccine reduces the chance of getting the other 15-20 strains of flu by a significant amount, but doubles your risk of this particular strain, you still come out ahead.

The seasonal flu vaccine is made to respond to three strains of influenza virus, not 15-20 strains. (Google it.)

Your aunt was probably hit by the Guillain-Barré -syndrome which affects 1 in a million people vaccinated. Anecdotal evidence is the root of many evil and should not appear in medical debate.

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