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Comment Re:Battery availability might be a concern. (Score 1) 328

Actually, no. I tested my G1, in airplane mode, both on a commercial flight (at FL350) and in a single-engine Cessna (at 2500AGL), and in both cases, I was able to acquire and maintain a steady GPS lock, and even recorded a track in Maverick. The altitude was WAY off - it'd jump from 38,000' to 12,000' in a second, for example - but latitude and longitude both tracked quite well. This is by no means indicative of GPS-equipped cell phones in general, of course. As per battery and charging, there's always a MintyBoost or some such, attached to a small 6V PV cell.

Comment Best GIS software ? (Score 2, Interesting) 124

I've been trying to play with GIS data for a few months now, and always seem to get hung up on what to do with said data once I've downloaded it. I've attempted to find some open-source visualization software, and had some limited success with SAGA GIS ... but the interface is pretty clunky, and the documentation is either outdated or for previous versions. Anyone have any suggestions for visualization of terrain data ? Frankly, whatever was used in the article would be useful, but I didn't see the author specify what software he was using.

Comment Re:Except that... (Score 1) 282

I disagree quite strongly with that statement. When equipped with "less-lethal" devices, Law Enforcement is MUCH more willing to use them to subdue more people, for a much wider range of perceived offenses, as compared to only having Lethal force as an option. It's perceived as "just" a taze, or "just" a dazzle, so what's the harm if it turns out that you just dazzled an innocent man ?

Comment Re:A fool and his money are some party (Score 1) 414

Actually, you have it backwards - the price situation in '08 was due to market speculation. Supply and production were near or at record-levels, and demand was approaching a low. The problem was that there were as many as 27 middlemen, each taking their cut and driving the price up a bit at a time, between the crude holding tank and your gas tank.

An FBI Agent's 3 Years Undercover With Identity Thieves 196

snydeq writes "InfoWorld offers the inside story of how FBI Supervisory Special Agent J. Keith Mularski, aka Master Splynter, penetrated and took over, the infamous underground carding board hacked by Max Butler and later transformed by Mularski into an FBI sting operation. The three-year tour sent Mularski deeper into the world of online computer fraud than any FBI agent before, resulting in 59 arrests and preventing an estimated $70 million in bank fraud before the FBI pulled the plug on the operation in October."

Sugar-Coated Drug-Dealing Game Approved For iPhone 73

Pocket Gamer writes "Of course, Apple wouldn't allow such a salacious games as Dope Wars on the hallowed corridors of the App Store. What Catamount's done is sugarcoat its game (quite literally) and turned it into Prohibition 3: Candy Wars — a reskinned version of the exact same game."

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