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Comment Re:Reflections (Score 2) 960

I've found a lot of it goes down to the disconnect from hardware. I've met WAY too many developers that'll just allocate more RAM rather than understand WHY they have to keep doing so, and what the performance implications are, especially on lesser hardware or when the dataset grows beyond their testing data set and hits the production data set.

Comment Re:Reflections (Score 2) 960

I'm in a similar position, but it's a really small company. So I was actually hired on with the intention of me being a part-time sysadmin. I actually like it like that, being able to do stuff other than just development all the time. Wearing many hats makes me happy, but I realize that I'm in the minority usually.

Comment Re:Movies (Score 1) 440

It's not hard to rip movies, and once you do it once you're done... it's something you can just go check every now and then and swap disks when necessary while you're doing something else. Kinda like doing the laundry.

Comment Re:Why not just wave your arm in the air... (Score 1) 402

I see you haven't used Android much. I've been able to dictate text in any app that used the keyboard since Android 2.1 released. So for almost 2 years now. As well as having the voice commands. Yes, the control of the phone is more simplistic with the voice commands on Android, but being able to dictate an email and such has been great on Android for a long time now.

Comment Re:Can that tag ... (Score 1) 357

I'm a professional software developer, but I can also manage clients, build things, grow food, play sports, and even bag groceries.

I will call anyone an idiot that has an opinion on something without taking at least a bit of work to get to actually understand what they're asking. Good users are a joy to work with, they listen to you when you speak about what you're an expert about. The idiot users are the ones that say shit like "It's just a button, it can't be that hard to add 'Search' to the app"

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