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Comment Re:Why not just wave your arm in the air... (Score 1) 402

I see you haven't used Android much. I've been able to dictate text in any app that used the keyboard since Android 2.1 released. So for almost 2 years now. As well as having the voice commands. Yes, the control of the phone is more simplistic with the voice commands on Android, but being able to dictate an email and such has been great on Android for a long time now.

Comment Re:Can that tag ... (Score 1) 357

I'm a professional software developer, but I can also manage clients, build things, grow food, play sports, and even bag groceries.

I will call anyone an idiot that has an opinion on something without taking at least a bit of work to get to actually understand what they're asking. Good users are a joy to work with, they listen to you when you speak about what you're an expert about. The idiot users are the ones that say shit like "It's just a button, it can't be that hard to add 'Search' to the app"

Comment Re:I don't see how it is illegal. (Score 1) 132

Because it's cheap and easy!

There are certain markets where there's just no feasible way to compete with the entrenched players. If some company wanted to compete in GSM, they'd have to buy spectrum (oh, AT&T and various other providers own it all? And AT&T specifically owns all the world-standard GSM spectrum? And they don't want to sell? Too bad). On top of that, they'd be fighting against a company that could just drop their prices until the new rival runs out of cash, and then raise them back up. That's basically what monopolies do, and why we make monopolistic practices illegal.

You CANNOT go to other providers to GSM except in name only. They only "compete" as long as AT&T allows them to, and their calls will always have second-class status on AT&T's networks. That means if it gets busy, your phone is the first one to be cut off.

I'm guessing it's your ignorance coupled with your misplaced sense of superiority that makes you come across so stupid. Something like the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 668

That's not entirely true, though. Young children aren't vaccinated straight out of the gate... 9 infants below the age of vaccination died last year in California from Pertussis. Their parents may be completely responsible and were planning on getting their children vaccinated, but now they'll never have the chance.

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