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Comment Stop Storing Personal Data (Score 0) 80

Data is easy to keep but it's also easy to leak. And given the consequences of leaks, companies need to start asking themselves whether it is worth storing all this data in the first place.

How many times did Mozilla ever actually use all this personal data internally? How many times on average the data for each of the 76,000 developers used? How many records were never accessed at all?

If you don't need all this data, then just don't store it. It's easy!

Comment Re:Explains the explosion of leftists on Slashdot (Score 1) 387

Government paying for birth control? I thought that was about corporations being "forced" to pay for birth control. Although that was all about corporations being "forced" to allow the employees to spend the money in question.

The government paying for birth control in general is not such a bad idea. The poor ones might actually use it and breed less poverty.

You would think that Republicans would be all about shrinking the welfare rolls and doing pretty much anything to do it, even kicking fundies to the curb in the process.

Comment Re:Glad to see you use the term 'assemble' (Score 1) 391

> what a person that builds a car?

Cars are much more complex than computers. The PC form factor has always been designed like a big Lego set. If you can put together a toy or follow a recipe, then you can "build" a PC.

Just putting cars and computers in the same post here shows such disrespect for mechanics that you might as well go to your nearest garage and start pissing on everyone.

Comment Re:so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (Score 1) 391

> if you're required to resort to a daily PPA

All this represents is the latest product available. It's like going to a hardware vendor's site for the latest version of their driver. Except the Ubuntu version is actually MUCH MUCH easier.

You're whining about having to install something, as if this is a great tragedy on any commercial platform.

Total double standard. Extreme hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Mod parent DOWN (Score 5, Insightful) 514

It's not racism to point out the fact that most H1B scab labor in IT is Indian. It's also not racist to point out that "lowering the bar" is bogus.

If Jesse wants to wage the next race war, he should start by getting more black kids interested in STEM and education in general. He can fight against the pervasive drug and gang culture that keeps black kids away from any means to better themselves.

Perhaps he could even get a bunch of athletes and rappers to just read to kids.

Comment Re:The Alliance of Artists should lose this suit (Score 2) 317

> You bought a license to play that music

No. That is total corporate-felating bullshit.

There's 100 year old case law that contradicts this nonsense. Corporations already tried to pull this shit and got slapped down by the courts.

There is no "implicit license" on a copy of a creative work, just standard copyright law.

Comment Re:Even my DVDs are streamed (Score 1) 152

The ability of a DVD to be compressed using a different format seems largely to be a function of the quality of the "original". A decent original can compress quite nicely. A crap original will be crap transcoded.

It won't be as impressive as a BluRay but the original isn't either.

Again. MPEG2 is a really outdated format. It doesn't take much to do better (or much better).

Comment Re:Hilarious (Score 3, Insightful) 160

Property Rights? Trespass to Chattels? No abuse of state powers for private gain? How easily the mask slips when a few cold pounds are involved.

But the people I feel really sorry for are the victims of crime in London, whose cases go unsolved due to precious police resources being wasted on internet nonsense like this.

Comment Re: Like China och USSR (Score 2) 512

We have ISIS running amok engaging in mass murder, mass mutiliations, and the destruction of religious sites. The problems in the middle east have sqaut to do with oil. This kind of ethnic strife would be going on regardless.

It's like the Balkans or any other place on the planet where people can't get along with each other to the point of engaging in genuine ethnic cleansing.

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