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Comment Re:Easily explainable: Nokia (Score 2) 371

Honestly, I can't think of anything that would immature about it.. In fact, especially the UI is great once you've tried it. Easily beats Android and even iPhone too.

Seriously? Have you either of the other devices?

Also, development on WP7 phones is ridiculously easy, as you point out. I'm more than happy that Nokia finally dropped Symbian, which was a *major* pain in the ass to even set up development environment for. XNA, Silverlight etc make it ridiculously easy to do apps for WP7.

Agreed. Compared to Symbian, XNA/Silverlight is amazing :)

Only bad thing about WP7 is that you can't run apps outside markets as easily as with old Windows Mobile's. It really sucks. But it's something iPhone and Android mandated, so blame is on them.

Not the *only* thing, but I'm not going to enumerate them, as it's likely to be a waste of time. I am surprised you didn't mention that Microsoft has blessed a jailbreak/sideloader

Comment Re:I'm not young, but... (Score 0) 532

Why not?

I have an iPhone 4 as my main phone. A G1 before that, and have Wildfire S, a Samsung Galaxy 2 android phones, and a random chinese android tablet. Also I'm on my second windows phone 7 device (yep, I've had a few WinCE based phones too, but they're dead and gone)

WP7 is becoming mature, it's getting integrated with facebook and twitter better than Android and iOS (All the kids love their social networks) there's a minimum spec too which is fairly high. It's not trying to be the next iPhone/Android either. I think it's becoming a worthy competitor to both.

Comment Re:Just ask a Scotsman... (Score 4, Informative) 472

Ask any Scot.

A Kilt is NOT a skirt.

The best explanation I've found online is the marked answer here:

A kilt is a made to measure garment that is specifically designed to fit a man's anatomy, and as such it is usually very unflattering to a woman's figure.

A kilt has eight yards of material, most of which is taken up in the pleats, there are very few women who would want to carry so much weight in a skirt.

A kilt fastens on the right hand side, whereas a woman's skirt usually closes on the left.

Traditionally kilts may only be worn by men and boys, but nowadays many women like to wear tartan skirts, which are sometimes called kilted skirts.

The only women I know of who wear traditional kilts, are those who play in a pipe band, they also wear the kilt so as to keep the entire band uniform.

Many Scots especially the traditionalists, will take great offense if you call their kilt a skirt, as they see the kilt as their national dress, as indeed it is, and they are rightly very proud of it.

Comment Re:s/Russia/America/g (Score 1) 304

America isn't a democracy it's a “limited-government constitutional republic.”

I know wikipedia says "Federal presidential constitutional republic" But it gave up being a "Representative democracy" of the people when it erroneously allowed the fiction of corporate personhood to persist.

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