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Comment Re:Heh... Radical...Islamists...redundant... (Score 1) 564

The problem just is that more and more people (AKA 'islamists') start believing that implementing the 'holy' Quran literally is going to make this world better.

Let's hope some predator drone finds these twits and sends them a clear warning by dropping a 500kg block of concrete into their house, with a note attached that if they or anybody else ever impedes things like that again, the 500kg concrete is going to be swapped with a few Mk82 bombs with live fuses and real explosives.

Alas, debating with these people is nigh impossible, and the only language they understand is violence, or at least the clear and present danger of ending up having to schedule an appointment with 72 virgins.

And even the Quran knows to how work out problems with their own believers - if a majority of muslims was susceptible to jail sentences or fines for theft or other crimes, the Quran wouldn't mandate chopping off hands and other body parts.

Comment Several Inconvenient Truths About The Debt Ceiling (Score 4, Informative) 932

- Not one penny of US debt has been repaid for 51 years: the last time US government funded debt actually decresed on a year-over-year basis was 1960
97% of today's funded debt has been accumulated since August 1971 - the end of the Bretton Woods era by Nixon, and the terminal delinking of all fiat currencies from any and all hard assets, ushered in the era of modern-day hyper-debt insolvency
- Obama projects 2.5% Fed Funds rate in budget calculations through 2020. Average Fed Funds rate since 1980: 5.7%; Since 2008: 0.00%, If average 5.7% rate was used, projected US deficit would increase by another $4.9 trillion by 2020
- Obama projects 4.2% growth rate over next 3 years. If a normal growth rate of 2.5% is used, deficits would increase by another $4 trillion by 2020
- The US government borrows 40-50 cents for every dollar it spends. A balanced budget would mean cutting government spending in half.
- Implementing a balanced budget would not reduce current debt outstanding. It would merely stop it from growing.
- Over the past three fiscal years US debt grew by over $1.5 trillion per year: this is more than three times the record annual debt increase in any previous year in US history
- Last night deficit reduction targets were cut from $4 trillion to $2 trillion over the next decade, in exchange for a $2.4 trillion debt ceiling hike, which will last the Treasury until the next presidential election. Said otherwise, the Treasury needs to fund a $2.4 trillion hold over the next 15 months. Over a decade this come to $20 trillion: ten times more than the proposed deficit reduction.

In other words, cut the US budget in half to stop the situation from getting worse. Then start working on your debt mountains.

Comment Re:Problem (Score 1) 173

Their damn problem if they get cut off. By staging examples and publicizing them, other companies will stop working for spammers.

A similar method is used against drug dealers in some countries - deal 15g of hard stuff, get an appointment with the hangman. And drug dealing is harder to catch than spam-based credit card processing.

Comment Re:Bioterrorism (Score 1) 157

A antibiotics-resistant version of Yersinia pestis would be optimal - high killing rate, high infection rate, and the disease spread can only be stopped with drastic measures.

If I were a terrorist, I'd forego using Ebola since this disease kills it's host rather fast. Too fast for a successful spread of the disease.

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