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Comment Novell, no seriously...Novell (Score 1) 600

Cheaper than Microsoft, Support from the vendor and it does everything you need, email, collaboration, messaging, security, and VPN. The latest running on Suse Linux called OES2 SP2 is amazing. AND it comes with free virtualization in the form of XEN. Not to forget the best Directory structure, eDirectory (8.8.6 is current)

Comment Hospital IT Guy here (Score 1) 555

1. Why are you using your personal equipment to do hospital work. If they are a major hospital then acquiring equipment, even older used equipment is no big deal 2. Yes they can be draconian about network connections, because we have to be, HIPAA fines can run into thew tens of millions of dollars easily. 3. if they want you to check email at home, then THEY need to provide you with the equipment. all that aside, I have a cartoon in my cube from XKCD about how stupid laptop encryption is. I

Comment people still don't know the real story in PA (Score 1, Insightful) 135

Facts: 1. the school told students who did not pay the laptop fee to not remove the laptops from school 2. the kid's parents did not pay the fee 3. kide removed laptop 4. school staff randomly inventoried laptops 5. school staff discovered laptop missing 6. staff activated anti theft program... Student broke rules and got busted, doesn't matter if it was a laptop or getting caught smoking on school surveilance web cam. how is this any different than someone using MoblieMe to find their missing iphones??

Comment seriously (Score 4, Insightful) 149

use Novell's eDirectory, it may cost, but they have a product called "Identity Manager" which allows you to interconnect many different systems to a central ID vault. Password changes are transparent, and management is extremely easy. Best of all it runs on Linux. You don't need the "netware" component to use it. It scales like a dream and is very robust

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