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Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 2, Insightful) 396


"The day Linux will have Windows marketshare, it will also have botnets".

Maybe. But, until that day, use Linux. Currently, you have *a lot* less chances to be infected on a Linux computer. When it will change (if it changes someday), we will reconsider the situation.

Using a broken system for the sole reason that the proposed replacement might be broken too in the future is, at best, stupid.

Comment Re:Password strength vs. how often you change it (Score 5, Insightful) 499

That's highly annoying. Even more if this is a web proxy password and that, each month, you have to change the proxy password for every f*** application that connect to the web (That Windows OS is really really bad).

I took another approach :

1) informing the computer dpt that it's a very bad idea. Here are some links: (in french)

2) of course, they won't change. So consider : what will you loose if you password is corrupted ? Nothing personal. Only stuffs from the company that didn't want to hear you. Should you have a more complicated life because they are too dumb ?

3) if the answer is no, simply change your password to :
yearmonth. That makes it : january2010. Easy to remember and will change all the time.

4) Share the tip with your collegues. Anyway, they should have access to my files, you are working together, isn't it ? Guess what ? Most thought it's a good idea and do the same.

Result : easier work for everybody.
Security ? You tried to improve it, you were not listened. That's their problem now.

PS: of course, be careful to analyse what you are sharing and what are the risk. I will never do that for my personal stuffs.

PPS: even better solution. Try to think about systems that cannot change their password, like the backup system. Usually, that login/password has access to everything in the company, doesn't change and is really easy to find if you know where to look. (and is, 99%, something like "permanent_pass" or "autologin"). That's make your life even more easier.

Comment Re:It Hurts (Score 1) 320

Harry Potter is not complete fiction : this is the story of a teenager who loose his parents and has a bad time. It happens. It's true.

Statistically, the probability of having a book that is 100% false, 100% pure non-sense is really low. Maybe the Voynich manuscript try to address this, just like David Lynch did for movies. So, of course, some parts of the Bible are not complete fiction.

And then? What is the conclusion?

Comment Re:It's their own fault (Score 3, Interesting) 564

indeed, I had the same feeling since a few months. What I find completely astonishing is the "no blog" policy.

I'm not a real wikipedia contributor but, sometimes, I correct a mistake or add an information I know. In the recent months, nearly all my edits were reverted because of "no source". And when I add a source, it's often a blog and deleted as "not acceptable, it's a blog". Worst : all blog references are now purchased and deleted. I was recently reading the french entry about freediving. For months, the external links section contained a few links to very interesting blogs about the subjet. I was really happy to find them and I would not have discovered them without wikipedia. Last week, I discovered than one link was dead so I removed it : immediatly after, an editor removed all the links with the comment "no blogs allowed". The article doesn't have an external links section anymore. What's the benefit of thatÂ???

There's also the "notability" problem.
Sometimes, when I look for something and don't find a page, I start it, putting the raw information IÂhave. So far it has always been deleted because "it was not notable" enough. I agree that it's often specialized and, if you are not interested by the subject, you might not knowing it. As an answer, I will provide links to articles speaking about the subject, links of blog created specifically for that matter. But no, those are blogs so it means the subject is not important enough. I even saw twice that I was not the first to try to create a given page. I know that it's specialized but Wikipedia even has pages for Porn actor !

In the end, I don't contribute anymore to wikipedia because :
1) It will be deleted anyway
2) It will raise the page I'm editing under the "veteran editor" radar and they will likely delete stuffs on that page or even remove the page completely (yes, it happened to me that the page I contributed after finding it was removed because "non notable" after my edit).

On the other hand, pages that haven't been touched since the 2007 golden era are pretty safe. Out-of-date, maybe, but at least safe.

Comment Re:Let me be the first one to say it ... (Score 4, Interesting) 1870

There's no need to judge TPB on a moral ground. There's no such thing as "good" or "bad".

It's just that your way of getting money is becoming obsolete. Just like candles manufacturers who fighted electricity, you are not relevant anymore in the current world.

Don't take me bad : you are right to do as much money as you can right now. But you must stay realistic : it won't stay like that forever :

1) A free software equivalent of your softwares might be created.

2) A big proprietary monopolistic vendor might do a software with the same features for half the price.

So, whatever you are doing, you know that it's a short term gain.

Now, let analyse your situation with your software being on TPB. Have you any evidence that it makes you loose money ?

If I told you that :
- 90% of people downloading your softwares would have never bought it anyway.
- 8% of those people weren't sure about your software and would have never bought it but after using the pirated version for more than one year, they choosed to buy an official version because "hey, it worth it".
- 2% of people wanted to buy the official version and stayed with the cracked one.

In this example, having your soft on TPB was a profit increase for you !

So please, just stop thinking with your guts and start using your brain. You have no evidence that file-sharing is bad for you. Not at all. Just an intuition driven by the music/software industry propganda.

Also, you know that it can't be stopped. It's an evolution. You can maybe make it a little slower (that's what RIAA is trying to do) but it will never be stopped. So, instead of crying, trying to slow evolution at all cost (conservative position), why not trying to take advantage of the future ?

Comment Re:Or they're terrified (Score 1) 921

"but that things follow mathematical laws so exactly. It's no wonder that no one twigged to this fact for so long"

It's not the universe that follows the mathematical rules. It's the mathematics that were designed to explain the universe. So of course it's wonderful how the mathematics are so fine-tuned to match the universe : that's why they exist in the first place !

Isn't it incredible that all falling apples are following Newton's law ?

Comment Re:Or they're terrified (Score 1) 921

Or, easier explanation : those who are very afraid to die are more likely to look for consolation in the religion and then to try to live longer.

So it's not a relation :

Pious -> Wants life-prolonging care

It's more :

X -> Pious and X -> Wants life-prolonging care

And I think (but that's my opinion) that X could be "Really afraid to die because feel bad with life")

Comment Re:Pessulus (Score 1) 904

Maybe Pessulus and Sabayon are not perfect for the poster needs (I never tried them) but the fact that they were not even mentionned in the article is the proof that the poster didn't even bothered to look for an alternative.

The fact that he talks about using "gconf" to lockdown stations makes me doubt a lot about his Linux admin capabilities.

Also, I believe that a migration to Linux done by admin who don't understand Linux as well as Windows will do more harm than good to the Linux perception.

So it's just another post : "OMG,Linux sucks because softwares on Linux don't have the same name as they have on Windows and that I will have to look for them on google but I'm tired."

But the /. crowd is not better because all they can reply is : "What do you want to do ? Lockdown ? You don't want to do that !".

Comment Re:1984? (Score 5, Interesting) 513

Wikipedia-fr is already affected from a long time in this article :

It is stated that the "Fat_Gourg" has a fan club of thousands of people in France.

The fact is that the fact gourg started as a running joke on a website/forum after someone found this picture online. The game, between approximately 20 people, was to found the author of the picture. One of those 20 people was a regular wikipedia editor with a good record and created this page with false statement like "Thousand of people".

Ultimately, the fat gourg joke came to a journalist in UK who interviewed someone on the forum which, of course, putted some exageration and emphasis in his description. The journalist then wrote an article saying that "it was an huge phenomemon in France followed by thousands of people". This artcile was followed by a very small television reportage in the school of the child who drawed the Fat Gourg.

The article was then added as a source on Wikipedia.

I tried two or three times to correct that page but :
- a (otherwise) respected wikipedia editor which is part of the joke always undo my changes
- my version is now in conflict with all of the sources in the article (which are, in fact, comming from one and only one person)

So I look like a liar because Wikipedian the television and newspapers say something but, ultimately, nobody in France know about the Fat Gourg except a few tenth of people on a forum.

And yes, I feel that something is bad but I have no real solution.

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