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Comment Re:Is this the team that... (Score 1) 71

I was doing training today and had to help the new guy add our IT request mailbox to Outlook, and while it took me a few seconds to find where Account Settings in Outlook 2010 had been moves, once I got to the dialog, it was basically the same bloody window that had been there since at least Outlook 2000.

Comment Re:Russia you were so close (Score 1) 284

I agree. Westerners tend to exaggerate the misdeeds of their governments, perhaps because most of us have the freedom to do so loudly and frequently, with the horrendous behavior of truly despotic regimes. I've seen people proclaim the US and the UK are police states well on the way to North Korea-style despotism and tyranny. No one denies Western governments frequently overstep their bounds and that citizens unjustly get caught in those excesses, but the idea that you're average American or Frenchmen lives under the kind of despotism that you find even in Russia is absurd.

It's not an argument that we are perfect. Far far from it, but the mere fact that I, as a Canadian citizen, can openly criticize not just the government as a sort of oblique and anonymous entity, but actual members of that government, without fear of reprisal suggests that the bad behavior of my country and most other Western countries isn't even in the same category as Russia, China, or heck, even Venezuela.

Comment Re:Russia you were so close (Score 1) 284

The point of the system isn't that it works exactly the way you like, but rather there are mechanisms that offer the possibility of alteration. In countries like Russia or China, maybe, sometimes, mass anger can effect change, but, even if there is the pastiche of the rule of law (dubious in both countries), there are few meaningful checks and balances, so ultimately it's up purely to the powers that be whether your cries will be heard, be silenced, or you will be thrown into a dark hole never to be seen again.

And before you criticize the US for throwing people in jail, even undeservedly, there is still habeas corpus.

Comment Re:well (Score 2) 557

A self appointed government, mind you, that was little more than a Russian facade. Even where foreign powers like NATO have gone in and essentially forced a referendum, like Kosovo and Iraq, there were international observers and general agreement that, whatever you thought of the legitimacy of the events leading up to those points, the elections themselves were free and fair.

Nothing like that exists for Crimea. It was a scam referendum with a preordained conclusion.

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