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Comment So what you are saying is... (Score 1) 395

What you are saying is that because the indirect effects that are caused by every other business on earth are caused by Microsoft as well, they should be exempt from playing by the same rules as the laundry shop next door? Interesting..

Of course, the implied threat that MS might leave the area in your post makes it OK to not play fair. The bullies are always right, after all.
"I did not punch you in the face and you still complain that I took your lunch money? Maybe I should mash you into pulp after $educational_institute is over." - The killer (literally ;) argument of modern business.

Comment Re:MS (Score 1) 176

If you make packed structures on x86, they will require unaligned loads and stores, which are slow (so don't do that). If you do it on a new ARM chip, you get the same. If you do it on a slightly older ARM chip, you get a trap to the OS which fixes up the load. If you do it in x86 code emulated on ARM, then the emulator will turn it into a load-shift-mask sequence (and since ARM instructions get a free shift, this is actually a very quick sequence).

Comment Pursue civil penalties against the infringers (Score 1) 762

IANAL, but by the plain language of the statue, these individuals have infringed the author's copyright by making unauthorized copies of his software into their non-volatile iPhone memory. While the circumstances exclude criminal liability, civil liability for copyright infringement is limited only by logistics and the will of the author to pursue it.

He should go to court and subpoena the identities of these individuals, and ask for the statutory damages he is entitled to.

I strongly recommend the author consult a lawyer to explore his options here. It's possible an IP lawyer would be willing to take his case pro bono as a trial case.

Comment Re:simpler test (Score 2, Insightful) 81

I think his point was that you could make a pretty straight 1 km bar along the ground. I thought the main thing being tested here is the ability to hit the target as it goes along the cable/bar to a distance of a km. Mimicing the resistance of gravity while moving in the horizontal plane is quite simple.

At some point though you do want a full system integration test, so perhaps that's what they are actually doing here.

I would wonder how 'stationary' the helicopter can actually be. I'd figure it would move around quite a bit given wind gusts at altitude; how much would an actual elevator ribbon move in the wind in practice?

Comment anyone with an actual need for (Score 2, Insightful) 219

electronic components has no difficulty differentiating "SPARC" from "SparkFun". While a SPARC CPU is in fact an electronic component, it is one that can only be used if one is building a specialized sort of computer (i.e. one that won't run x86 code and can't run any Windows / OSX apps). If one is going to design an electronic circuit with any hope of functioning, one has to know EXACTLY what components one is designing into it.

The population of actual electronic component customers likely to mistake SPARC for SparkFun is exactly zero. There is NO public likely to be confused by this.

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