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Comment Re:Defendants have the right to testimony (Score 1) 452

The question I've always wanted answered is "How can you tell?" Just because the asker of a question (or anyone else) can't understand how answering it would possibly implicate the answerer in a crime doesn't mean it can't do so. So, if you're asked a question and assert your rights under the 5th amendment to not answer, how does anyone make the determination that seeking 5th amendment protection is genuine or not?

Comment Re:Shape of data (Score 1) 9

The unaware go apeshit over simple things, but the things that are most difficult are almost impossible to see.

"This document manager lets you customize a workflow and collaborate with others on mobile devices." *snore*

"And you can change the background to your corporate logo" *squee!*

Comment Re:SMOB (Score 1) 28

I'm trying to come to grips with how the Fed could lend out 16 Trillion dollars over 24 months without having rampant price increases. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but could it be we witnessed the largest money laundering operation in the history of civilization?

Comment Re:'Why don't they tell people?'" (Score 1) 243

Because your chances of killing yourself wandering around out here in the summer without water are MUCH higher than your chances of contracting Valley Fever. I've lived in the Phoenix area for 12 years and it's pretty much common knowledge as far as I can tell.

And thirst is not a good guide for when to drink. By the time you even feel thirst, you are already on your way to dehydration. That goes even more for hot dry places like Phoenix.

Comment Acadmi (Score 1) 3

Their website is almost a parody of corporate websites. Apparently they've won something called the "Corporate Compliance of the Year Award" for 2012. What the hell is that? The words are English, but they don't parse to anything meaningful to me.

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