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Comment Save now vs. over time (Score 4, Insightful) 95

How much have they saved now? Probably not much, and probably spent more.

It costs money to find the location, arrange the contracts, hire new people/lay off or move staff, and move equipment between rooms. Even then, many organizations may say it's cheaper to buy new hardware than it is to move 5+ year old servers.

However, the efficiency once many of those data centers is closed will become apparent. Space/power/cooling/networking/staff isn't cheap. Consolidating will give you some amazing savings a few years in.

Comment Re:Guild Wars 2 Happened (Score 2) 523

Yeah, I play with friends and we're all over the place for levels (I'm 68, one is 80, another 60, and the other two are in the teens). While I'm doing much of the same running around and questing with the lower level people, I'm still able to gain XP at a pretty good rate, and there's plenty of other things to do while they're off getting hearts.

Comment Re:Silverlight greatness (Score 1) 394

So then House of Cards is on HTML5?

Why would Netflix build a separate infrastructure for the few sets of original content they distribute? Do you really want to have two Netlix apps, log in twice to a web site? Figure out which site has which content? Any money they'd earn in new subscriptions for HoC would be pretty much wiped out by the development and maintenance costs.

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