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Comment Re:Or not. (Score 2) 64

Everyone dies, you dumbfuck.

Despite the "life-saving" diet? I'm shocked.

You've got to admit, it's a little bit like having Sonny Bono endorse a set of skis. Or Jim Fixx writing a blurb about how running prevents heart disease. While it may be true, it's probably not the best marketing strategy.

Comment Re:Terrance and Phillip (Score 1) 76

Yes, that was Cruz' statement last September. Except, here is a much more recent article (less than one month ago) from the Dallas News:


Canadian immigration lawyers say they're baffled why it's taking Sen. Ted Cruz so long to renounce his Canadian citizenship. The Republican Texas senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate vowed several months ago to terminate his dual citizenship. He says he's hired lawyers and is preparing the paperwork. But experts in Canada say renouncing citizenship is a simple, quick and straightforward process. There's even an online, four-page PDF form on the Government of Canada website to initiative the process - no lawyers needed.


"He's a Harvard-educated lawyer so what's the problem? It's elementary."

So, Senator Cruz, what's the hold up?

Comment Re:Ultimately business pays for everything... (Score 2) 235

Everything. And at some level, society needs to be built around facilitating and accommodating business. Again... they pay for EVERYTHING.

That is total bullshit.

People pay for everything. Corporations pay nothing whatsoever. I'm not talking about dodging taxes, I'm talking about the simple fact that any tax you leverage on them will simply be added to the price of whatever they're selling, so whatever money a corporation pays in taxes was first taken from its customers.

Comment goodbye (Score 1) 235

It's an absolutely horrible precedent. It is a step back more than 2,000 years. The closest thing in real history was the very first firefighters in ancient Rome - a private enterprise that made its owner one of the richest men in Rome through a simple principle: Whenever there was a fire, he'd show up with his firefighters (slaves, btw.) and offer the owner of the house to buy it on the spot and make him a tenant in his (formerly) own house. The price he offered was ridiculously low. If the owner sold, they'd put out the fire. If not, he'd let it burn to the ground.

So, will this be a personal/private cop? No, that would be too obvious. They'll all make sure it looks all clean, because it's only the first step.

But it does mean that if ever Facebook runs afoul of the law, there'll be one less cop willing to raid them...

Comment Or not. (Score 2) 64

It's pretty interesting that one of the endorsements over at the website for the "forksoverknives" whole foods regime documentary was this:

'"A film that can save your life." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times '


Comment Something's afoot (Score 1) 135

Yesterday, a story about upskirt photos being legal in Massachusetts and today dark matter killing off the dinosaurs.

Coincidence? I think not.

You know, it's amazing the insights that a few Friday afternoon cocktails can bring.

Add in Li'l Boosie getting released from prison today, and you can't tell me the Illuminati isn't behind all this. Maybe.

Comment Re:good riddance (Score 1) 181

They both do the same exact thing.

Obviously, you've never used one of them. They are "the same thing" in the same sense that a Lada and a Veyron are both cars.

It almost always comes down to how the tool is used, not the tool itself.

Tools matter. They don't replace skill, but if you want to get really great results, you need both skill and the right tools.

Comment Re:Appomattox (Score 1) 77

Well, there was a place called "Palestine" and what do you think you would call someone from this place?

The Bible refers to it at least four times, as "Palestine" or "Palestina" depending upon your translation of choice.

I would think a believer would be more well-versed on the Good Book.

Comment Re:Any tool can be misused. (Score 1) 181

I agree most power point presentations are a waste of time. Most of them have very little content. Most of them suck big time. Where I disagree is, blaming the tool for the sins of the tool wielder.

There are, however, good and bad tools. Powerpoint is a bad tool, and it is not by accident that almost all presentations suck, and it's not because everyone is bad at it. The whole program is focussed on being flashy, not on content. There's 50 buttons and options for animations, colour, flash, bling, look-a-three-headed-monkey - and maybe 5 buttons for content. There are plenty of examples included for different visual styles, but none for different methods of content presentation.

And, like almost all Microsoft products, it wants to be everything to everyone. So it doesn't restrict you, but every designer knows that restrictions are great. You can put 9pt fonts on a Powerpoint slide. For 99% of the usage cases, that is an absolutely abysmal idea. But it leads to people misappropriating habits from Word for Powerpoint - if your content doesn't fit, shrink the font size. Ugh.

Comment good riddance (Score 1) 181

Powerpoint is for sales presentations to a large and anonymous audience. Basically, when you want to be Steve Jobs(1). In a small meeting, or something with interactivity, Powerpoint is probably the most misused tool on the planet today.

(1) Actually, if you want to give a professional presentation, you'll use Keynote, but if you want to be a cheap ripoff, you'll use Powerpoint.

Comment Terrance and Phillip (Score 1) 76

Would he be the first US president with Canadian citizenship?

I wouldn't have believed it could be possible to find someone with an even bigger ego than Obama's. But we're a nation of hucksters now, so I suppose this is to be expected.

Comment Re:No of course not (Score 2) 276

This. Even asking the question is fucking stupid.

He wanted to be left alone, there is nothing the public gains from knowing his identity except some entertainment. There are cases where identifying someone serves the public good, but in this case it really serves nobody except the rag that published it.

Hiding under his real name was actually pretty smooth. I'm sure a dozen nosy reporters passed him up before because they thought that can't be.

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