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Comment Re:credit card PIN and 3 digit verifier compromise (Score 1) 180

Check it out, there's no catch all 'criminal database' full of people's credit cards and PIN numbers. If this was the case, a group could simply use this list to make everyone aware of the impending fraud...

Most 'carding' activity is done via forums and IRC.. where credit card dumps (dumps of the magnetic strip) and numbers/info are SOLD for anywhere from $1-$5 each, depending on the value of the card in question.. and if it's a dump or just information. The dumps can be used to 'write' the information to blank magstrips (other credit cards, hotel key cards) with the right hardware.

The only way these criminals withdrew the money from your account was with your PIN number. The fraud officer was right. You can make purchases without a PIN using the credit aspect of a card, but you CANNOT withdraw money.. You can't even get 'cash back' without using the ATM part of the card. Somewhere along the lines you must've disclosed your PIN number. Can't you contact the establishments where the money was taken (where teh ATM or whatever device was used to obtain the money) they almost universally have cameras on them now.. for the fact that you can say 'that wasn't me' and request a camera shot of the person taking the money out... with that evidence in hand it's usually very easy from there to get the charges removed.

Comment Re:Wait... what? (Score 1, Offtopic) 11

Exactly my point.

I'm on Suboxone treatment myself! If someone threw me in jail where I couldn't obtain my medicine, i'd fucking try to smuggle it in too! What's the real story here? I've been through HARDCORE opiate addiction and I managed to find a medication which totally pulled me out of the gutter. I have been clean two years thanks to suboxone and it has totally turned my life around.

Sure, opiate naive individuals can get a 'high' off suboxone.. and you certainly don't feel 'bad' when you take it, it makes you feel great.. well it makes you feel 'normal' compared to other people. Once you've been an opiate addict for long enough, you just simply don't have enough natural opiates in your brain, you are constantly sick and I don't blame these people if that's the case.

They should have been receiving treatment for their addiction in jail, not just left to rot and wallow in withdrawal. It's easy for people who have never been there to judge and say it's their fault and they should just suffer through it. Anyone who has experienced opiate withdrawal at an extreme level knows this just isn't possible! you are so sick you can't eat, sleep, stay still.....this is worst than most medical conditions! Sure, it was self-inflicted, but come on... at least they're smuggling in something that's almost impossible to get high off of / overdose on. If they were really looking to get high, they could've done the EXACT SAME THING with heroin or any other strong opiate.. but they didn't. They used Suboxone, which leads me to believe they were just seeking help.

Comment Re:Ten times the tech != ten times the quality (Score 1) 323

Mannequins? Have you SEEN the battlefield 3 play videos?

Seriously, some parts of that video are *photorealistic* to me.. I can barely tell the different at certain points.

I cannot wait! (to majorly upgrade my hardware... lol)

Comment Re:Really don't like this trend (Score 1) 469

This happened to me... except I didn't have the happy ending.

I was given a gifted game on Steam.. This game was Left 4 Dead 2.. it was on sale for $5 and a friend gifted it to me.

Turns out, this 'friend' was part of some credit-card theft ring online, and he was found out... the next day my steam account is banned/locked.

Thank god it was my alternate steam account, but I still had a fair number of games on there that I can no longer access... inlcuding Modern Combat 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2,(It was my Online FPS account, that I would share with others in my house)

I basically LOST the entire purchase price of all these games, because steam decided that getting a gift that was bought with a stolen credit cards means you're a bad bad person.. they couldn't just take access to the game in question.. NO. they had to ban my entire account

Fuck steam

Comment Re:Seriously? Do your own job. (Score 1) 286

It's not really googling answers that's the problem.

It's that people are working jobs that they have no passion for.

When you love what you do, you want to always learn more. I've worked IT for a small company and googled a lot. I winged a lot of the job using google.. but I didn't google for forums or quick answers. I would educate myself. I would teach myself using the wealth of resources available on the internet and find I'd be able to get anything done if I put my mind to it. For the few odds and ends I needed help with, I asked, but I would always be so passionate when I was learning something new that once I saw the actual answer, I had to dig deeper to see WHY it was the answer and how it related to everything else.

Whatever happened to the drive in geeks? We used to sit in garages for weeks on end soldering non-printed circuit boards and simple logic devices just to make advanced calculators.... now people just want the quick way out.

Comment Re:Private Certificate Authority (Score 1) 286

Haha, hilariously true.

I knew nothing about certificate's, certificate authorities, certificate servers and running your own private certificate authority, but I was curious.. (This was as I read the original question, before the comments) so I went to wikipedia and spent about 2 minutes reading about SSL certificates until I started reading, and noticed the Open Source Implementations part...

Immediately I thought, "Why can't you just run your own certificate authority and add it as trusted in the browser, there has to be a way in most modern browsers."

So I came here to answer the question, with no prior experience or knowledge on the subject... of course it was already answered, but still..really need to rethink your job choice when you have to ask how to do something instead of having that spark and passion to know and learn more... When I was working IT for a small company I pretty much WINGED IT using google.. and you know what? The people who ran the place thought I was some kind of boy-genius wizard. But in reality, whenever I was asked to do something, I pretty much taught myself on site and at home using google, and got it done. When you love what you do, you want to know every aspect of it.. I just don't understand why this question was even asked.

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