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Comment Re:Vaccines don't contain mercury (Score 1) 383

Thimerosal contain 49.6% Mercury (by weight)!

I understand that the amount of thimerosal is not massive in vaccine, half of it is mercury. It is not "in such minuscule amounts it doesn't harm anyone" as you said.

The EPA guideline state that you should not give to an infant more than 0.1 microgram of methylmercury per body weight per day.

Also, you can find up to 2 or 3 microgram of thimerosal per ml in a vaccine. Half of which is Mercury.

Most pediatric vaccine comes in doses of 0.5 ml, so it would make 1 to 1.5 microgram of mercury. If a baby weight 3.5 kg (just born, first vaccine of Hepatitis B) or 4.5kg (1-2 month - second vaccine of Hepatitis B) this will be a dosage of up to 0.43 microgram per kg or 0.33 microgram per kg.


And this is considering that the EPA dosage is not already too high.

Comment Re:Critical analysis (Score 1) 120

Just to point out that most likely, these magnets will probably be less tolerant to high temperature. If you look at the B/H curve of Neo Magnets, when they are under the influence of strong magnetic field, their demagnetization temperature point gets lower.

Building the LEGO MMO 116

Gamasutra has a lengthy interview with NetDevil's Ryan Seabury, creative director for LEGO Universe, which is due to launch next month. He talks about some of the difficulties in graphically optimizing a game with so many discrete, interactive objects, and mentions that they'll be keeping an eye out for inappropriate contructs to avoid problems similar to those that cropped up with Spore. "One thing we can say is when you build models you have your own property, and you can share that if you want to. If you share something publicly, it will be monitored by a human before it's seen by other people." Seabury also explains their desire to keep the game simple, using players' creativity as a driving force, as well as NetDevil's decision to stay away from a micro-transaction business model.

Comment Re:This is a common stack in wifi APs (Score 1) 225

Also, as pointed in the text :

an only be used directly from outside your network over the internet if you have enabled remote Web GUI management

How many of the people who installed dd-wrt did that?!?

Personally, I was worrying about that until I read that quote. I mean, I installed DD-WRT at my uncle's house and my parents, but I never enable remote management. So all in all, I'm not planning an emergency upgrade anytime soon.

Comment Re:Offload the capacitor? (Score 1) 457

I like the idea of a capacitor, but I think it would be more feasible with a battery bank, because of the cost of the capacitor

If I take the numbers of 356 Volts, 1000 amps and 10 minutes, you get 213.6 MegaJoules! (59.3 kW-h). That is a lot of energy! but if you continu with those numbers and try to figure out the capacitor you need, it is going to be huge

At 1000 Volts, you need 427.2 Farads. That is not going to be cheap, even with supercapacitor. But you could have 50x 12Volts lead-acid batteries with 100 amps/hour each and you would get those 60kW-h that you need. (You would actually need more because you cannot take a battery down to 0% charge)

Anyway, this would only be feasible in some sort of power station. You would go to the "Electrical-fuel" station where they would have this capacity to fast-recharge your car. My guess is that it would still take a long time to charge it at your house, unless you have a lot of money to spend on a special charger with a 200+MegaJoules capacitor bank in it.

Comment How about StegTorrent (Score 1) 297

Parent is correct, also, a little software based on steghide does exactly what is mentionned here... It would be just a matter of putting everything in a firefox extension and you could have something much better than (although it is a good idea)

I really like the idea where, instead of a blob of color with no real meaning, you could use a representative image, like a movie-poster image...

Comment Now Kaspersky next Microsoft (Score 0, Offtopic) 93

This is interesting, because you would not like any malaware/software company to dictate what the antivirus company does, but at the same time, what does that mean for other cases (not in court... yet) like the fact that Microsoft makes it hard, in vista, to read/mount any ext2 partition???

( I just read this this comment

Comment Re:Still... (Score 1) 859

Actually, you are saving more than 50% because you still pay for only 13 Watts (as it is said in the article). Also, the poor power factor is not that problematic, because usually, in power substation, you can find capacitor bank to compensate... I admit you still need to wire for more current and you will create more current loss through the wires, but you are still winning because you need a lot more less power.

As long as they don't charge for poor power factor! (when that will be the case, I bet they will include the electronic to compensate)

Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 689

Actually, TRUE poetic and FAIR poetic might be a little dissimilar, because I would prefer that every case of juvenile incarceration done by these judge be reviewed.

While this is happening, many kid may have been incarcerated with no real base... who knows

I do believe that "judge corruption" is one of the worst crime ever. Whitout "clean judge" there is no justice. I also believe everyone, judge and whoever tried (and actually did) to corrupt the judge should be in prison and have some severe impact on everyone.

In one way, no judge should feel to be "over the law" and they should be scared to be judge... Anyway, I must be day-dreaming again, because this kind of thing won't ever happen. I have never seen any judge be hard on their colleges/peers.

Comment Re:Yeah... Ok (Score 1) 623

Exactly what I think.

The problem with death penalty is that when the law made a mistake (or when someone was frame for all the wrong reasons), there is no going back... You're dead!

It is bad enough when we read cases of person who spent 5, 10 or 15 years+ in prison and it was all a big mistakes. Yes, it's bad, but the person can get out, and the people who did the mistakes are liable to some extent.

In the case of death penalty, it just goes as an "oups! is dead, soo bad" and everyone just forgets about it...

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