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Comment Re:Magical electrodes (Score 1) 77

Welcome to the advancement of technology.. FTA "NeuroSky say its latest sensors can operate through fabric, such as the outer layer of a vehicle's headrest" .. they also say they know they can distinguish between brainwaves of someone awake and at rest, but it doesn't specify if that's through fabric or not.

Comment Summarizing the algorithm (Score 1) 4

Here's how you can think of the algorithm more intuitively... It seems that, according to the algorithm, you start on the outside edge and spiral inward.. and.. if you're about to be cut off from an area (being forced to overlap previously mowed grass to get to it) then you first zigzag over that area, then proceed with the spiral.

Comment Outdoor night film shoots (Score 1) 271

This would be a dream come true for amateur filmmakers who need a power source for filming outdoors at night. Portable generators are either too noisy or too expensive. You can get an inverter for your car to supply 120V AC, which is a decent solution because cars aren't very noisy, but energy from a battery makes no noise at all, and sufficient energy for powering a house for a day certainly can handle 2000 watts of light for a night shoot. Amateur filmmakers normally have a day job, so they can afford a car like the Nissan Leaf... this is just an added benefit.

Comment Re:What, no one size fits all solution? (Score 1) 496

If I learned anything from my teacher wife*, it's that there are dozens of ways that children (and adults) learn, and you have to tailor the learning experience for each of them.

Some children may do very well with things like the Khan Academy. Others will not.

Anyone who tries to shoehorn all children into the same learning solution is likely to leave a large percentage of them behind.

I don't understand. The whole idea about Khan Academy is to tailor the learning experience to each student's need, as opposed to shoehorning all students into one set format/pace/etc, and no one gets "left behind".. only moves at a slower pace, until they get over whatever obstacle they have and can speed along afterward. And no one is held back either, according to the same theory. I can see you saying what you did about some traditional lecture format, but... do you know what Khan Academy is all about?.. There's a wonderful TED talk on it here:

Comment Who wouldn't want to write this? (Score 1) 244

coming up with a captivating universe, especially for video game adaptations, is no easy task.

I think the screenwriting experience is vastly underappreciated. While it's rough, perhaps, to think about what an alien world would be like, and then try to imagine some fictional situation, a much easier route is to just write about what you know, and then, embellish! Every day you go through events that you later tell others about, because they're inherently interesting stories... they're real world situations that people can relate to. These are perfect as inspiration for a movie plot.

For instance, perhaps I would talk about my first botany experiment. I grew a few plants in my apartment, and while I'm at first entranced at how things spring to life.. how my sunflowers, for instance, reach for the ceiling in weeks, I soon learned that if you overwater them, you fall prey to fruit flies that plant their eggs in your watery soil and soon multiply and become a problem.

So, let's embellish! Replace fruit flies with aliens. Archaeologists have been researching the reproduction of extinct animals using ancient DNA a la Jurassic Park, right? Don't worry about repeating prior art.. it's impossible to avoid, and if you tell your own story, it'll have a fresh perspective that will be appreciated on its own. But we want this to be an invasion with spaceships, right? So let's have them make this discovery in a Martian colony, and they decide to interbreed them with llamas. Surprise, this DNA was from an egg sent off by evil aliens from Alpha Centauri, that happen to reproduce fast like fruit flies, or maybe Zerglings. The Earth loses touch with its remote sister world, and soon send out a rescue spaceship to investigate. You see flashing across the 200 inch wide screen display on the bridge or whatever a face of a creature that looks like a cross between an insect and a llama. It hisses a warning to the ship's captain, along with the rest of the human race, that the human colony has been eradicated, they have regained contact with their mother race at Alpha Centauri, and soon, the entire race will be either enslaved, or destroyed. Their choice.

I'd watch that! The real challenge with filmmaking is NOT coming up with a good story. The challenge is coming up with reliable, knowledgeable people and locations, and the funds for the equipment/props you need. Money solves all of that. Making a well-funded movie is a complex task, but it sure as hell is a lot easier than if you have a low budget and volunteer/low-paid crewmen/actors. For the many well-funded movies that turn out to be crap, in my opinion, they have no excuse.

Dark Kidney Films

Comment Re:Slightly more detail and WTH did he expect? (Score 1) 376

Reality check here... what he did was really cool. Did you guys see the video? : .. as a filmmaker, I find it's a huge pain for people to express themselves without worrying about where they can film, if there's someone's logo on something, if everyone in the film has given their permission, etc. Either you have the enormous cash required for production insurance, renting locations, securing official permission from every company with a visible product, funds to pay police for securing exclusive use of city property, payment for extras to populate your scene rather than just filming bystanders... or... you have to do something illegal and be subjected to some risk. I can see if there's a place/product/person displayed unfairly (libel), and if so, sure, take whoever to court and prove your damages, but you should not need permission to film/photograph whatever, wherever, and whoever otherwise.

Comment Not so dangerous (Score 1) 1173

As long as rotaries are well marked, sign-wise, they're relatively safe. Just like most city-driving, collisions are at much lower speeds than on straightaways/highways. But if it's a large rotary, it needs a clear sign stating that it's a one-way circle. Otherwise, it's quite possible late at night with low traffic, someone will make the wrong turn, and a head-to-head collision can be quite dangerous. This comes from personal experience in one of the thousands of smaller towns that rely on traffic court for revenue.

Comment Launch apps from Omnibox (Score 1) 188

Just a note.. I figured out launching apps from the omnibox, one of Chrome 12's new features, only means an app installed via the chrome app store. You can't just type "cmd.exe" or "Command Prompt" and expect it to launch. But if you install the Angry Birds app via the Chrome Web Store, you can type "Angry Birds" and your game will load.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony Won't Invest As Heavily in PlayStation 4 (

donniebaseball23 writes: Sony CFO Masaru Kato told investors this week that the company won't be looking to put the same kind of massive R&D into PS4 as they did with PS3. PS3's costs were astronomical because of Blu-ray and the Cell chip, but Sony's bottom line can't take another similar hit. Analysts are speculating that this will leave the door open for competitors like Microsoft. "PS4's hardware could be less impressive than the PS3 at its launch. I think Microsoft will really be able to put the screws to Sony in the next console war," Panoptic analyst Asif Khan commented to IndustryGamers.

Comment Re:Revisionist history (Score 1) 132

"Before the Internet, there was a collection of nets, like Compuserve, Minitel, MSN, and AOL. Then the 'Inter' prefix was added by linking these nets altogether, and everyone was given the freedom to request information from any computer out there."

The Internet predates CompuServe, AOL, etc., and wasn't created by linking those walled-garden services together.

It's mostly correct if you think of the internet in terms of its userbase.

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