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Comment Re:This is why the need to use ssh/push (Score 2) 586

Install openssh-server
Install rsync -- well, it's probably already installed
Install a webserver of a kind, e.g. lighttpd (that's what I normally use).

If you use lighttpd, just follow these steps:

  • create a wikileaks user
  • add the public key to /home/wikileaks/.ssh/authorized_keys (get it from )
  • mkdir /home/wikileaks/public_html
  • enable simple-vhost (sudo lighty-enable-mod simple-vhost)
  • edit /etc/conf-enabled/10-simple-vhost.conf :
    • simple-vhost.server-root = "/var/www/servers"
  • mkdir /var/www/servers
  • /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart
  • ln -s /home/wikileaks/public_html /var/www/servers/wikileaks.yourdomain.tld
  • Add DNS record. Use a low TTL (eg. 30 mins == 1800 seconds) and change the entry to point at or similar if you get DoS'ed
  • Submit information to Wikileaks.

You might want to secure your server more, firewall etc. Check out fail2ban.

Comment Re:Is the new android fine? (Thinking of buying) (Score 1) 132

I'm looking to buy a new phone in a few months. My current Nokia 6300 has lasted for almost 3 years, and is beginning to act a bit weird at times.
I had a look at the Nokia N900 a few days ago and was amazed at the price compared to the specifications and the price point of other smartphones. Qwerty keyboard, 800x480 display, Maemo 5.
Here in Denmark I can buy a new and unlocked for 375 EUR, though I'm tempted to find a used one on eBay -- the price there starts around 200 EUR for a slighty used.

Comment Re:And if the information is wrong or fake (Score 1) 554

I know that there are demonstrations in some locations around Europe, but calling them "riots", that's a bit of a stretch.
I'm in Denmark. Even if my backyard covered Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany I haven't heard about any events that would qualify as a riot.

If NY cab drivers stop working in protest of something, is that a riot as well? A riot across the USA?

Note that the AP "blurp" doesn't even call it riots, only protests.

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