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Comment Re:Awesome WM (Score 1) 357

I've been using Awesome for about a year, and I really dig it; though more the concept than config files in Lua. Awesome is just one tiling window manager though, there's quite a few other:
  • dwm
    Extremely small. No config -- just c code.
  • qtile
    Apparently a bit like Awesome, but written and scripted in Python.
  • xmonad
    Written an configured in Haskell. Supposedly crash-free (not that I've ever had Awesome crash).

I've heard much good about xmonad, and I'll be switching to it one of these days (I figure it's a great way to learn me some Haskell).

Comment Re:I must be old now; just don't be an idiot (Score 1) 200

I say we attack this problem from another angle. Instead of using a "flash blocking beer coolor", put your pictures online. Same goes for opinions, sexual preferences, and any other personal detail you can think of. With enough people joining in, we'll change the standard and make it publicly acceptable to act yourself (or be an ass).

I'll start: I'm drunk on the remains of a Cuban Havana Club. Mmmmmm.

Comment Re:Misleading title !! (Score 1) 459

Stupid politicians like that can be found anywhere.
Recently (late February) a Danish politician, at the time legal policy spokesman for Konversative (Conservatives) Tom Behnke, (a former cop, by the way), argued that politicians from left-wing Enhedslisten (The Unity List/Red-Greens) and center-left Radikale Venstre (Radical Left) Line Barfoed and Manu Sareen shouldn't question the Danish logging directive (Logningsbekendtgørelsen). His reasoning? "Imagine a terrorist attack with 675,000 dead".

If that's that best a legal policy spokesman can come up with, I want to be a fucking politician. I'll lower the speed limits on the highway to 40 km/h, because "imagine a 400 school-bus pileup"... Sigh.

Comment Re:Sure I've heard of Ctrl+F ... (Score 2) 567

I guess it has some consistency -- the shortcuts are the same for Danish, and, I presume, Norwegian. But you're right. It bugs me when I occasionally is being forced to use Outlook/Word on a computer with a Danish locale. Screw all localization, let's just all agree on using English for computers. ...and force all Americans to use the international date format, ISO 8601.

Submission + - RSA Admits SecurID Tokens Have Been Compromised (

Orome1 writes: RSA has finally admitted publicly that the March breach into its systems has resulted in the compromise of their SecurID two-factor authentication tokens. The admission comes in the wake of cyber intrusions into the networks of three US military contractors: Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications and Northrop Grumman — one of them confirmed by the company, others hinted at by internal warnings and unusual domain name and password reset process.

Comment Denmark has been doing this for years (Score 4, Interesting) 337

KODA, the Danish equivalent of RIAA, had a case in Højesteret (Danish High Court) in 2003 that basically said that when you're at work, the broadcast licence rules for companies is in effect, even if you're a single trucker in a truck.
Only a few articles in Danish media covered it then. Here's the official statement from KODA at the time and a Google translation here

(weird links in preview -- wonder how they'll look when I press submit...)

Comment Re:Nice to get this from slashdot (Score 3, Informative) 249

I guess it could be considered rude to speak something other than English here, so I'll provide a translation before I get lynched:

"It was actually covered by (online newspaper driven by a big Engineering Association in Denmark) last evening: "

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