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Comment Re:Mod parent up (Score 1) 503

Shit, I used to play a bit of WoW not too long after it came out. Performance was more or less on par with Windows -- FPS higher on Linux in some places, lower in other. Best thing was that with multiple desktops I was able to tab in and out in milliseconds, something that always seems to take ages on Windows.
Then again, I did it on Gentoo installed from stage1. Took me a few days to compile everything, and cost an hour when there was a WINE update, but it ran well.

If the submitter is still around, I'd second the advice given in other places. Give your kid the install disc, and let him handle it. Sure, he'll probably have to start from scratch a few times, but installing Windows has never been easier. If your kid has a few geeky friends that run Windows, even better -- they should be able to explain what are common signs of malware.
If he's used to Linux, he might be able to figure out how to run WoW with WINE when he tires of Windows.

I rarely use Windows (although more often than you seem to), and I'm starting to feel outdated, but I tend to go with Microsoft Security Essentials and Avast (they have a free edition). If not Avast, I've heard good things about ClamAV on Windows.

If I recall correctly, a WoW install has no real ties outside of the program folder, so it might be a good idea to make a backup of that folder once in a while. If the system goes down, just copy it and you're set.

Held og lykke fra en anden dansker

Submission + - Rhombus Tech A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card schematics completed (

lkcl writes: "Rhombus Tech's first CPU Card is nearing completion and availability: the schematics have been completed by Wits-Tech. Although it appears strange to be using a 1ghz Cortex A8 for the first CPU Card, not only is the mass-volume price of the A10 lower than other offerings; not only does the A10 classify as "good enough" (in combination with 1gb of RAM); but Allwinner Tech is one of the very rare China-based SoC companies willing to collaborate with Software (Libre) developers without an enforced (GPL-violating) NDA in place. Overall, it's the very first step in the right direction for collaboration between Software (Libre) developers and mass-volume PRC Factories. There will be more (faster, better) EOMA-68 CPU Cards: this one is just the first."

Comment Sounds familiar... (Score 1) 550

We had this same discussion last year, after PHK had an article on arguing for software liability laws: .
The article is to be found at

Comment Re:A leap year issue? Are you SERIOUS? (Score 1) 247

And do you really think this problem arose because they didn't write code to deal with leap years?

Come on man. If they had written code that accounted correctly for leap years, they wouldn't have had an outage. Do you think it's just a coverup?
And what's that nonsense about date logic? Use tried-and-true library functions for date manipulation, that's it. If you're doing embedded systems, you might have an excuse. ..and these days, not even then, given the amount of memory and the clock speeds. Bah, in my days all we had was a wirewrapped system built from a Motorola 68k, and we liked it!

(except when one of the address bus wires got loose and we spent countless hours debugging it)

Comment Re:1920x1200 laptop? (Score 1) 77

You might want to have a look for Compal laptops. I've got a NBLB3, sporting a 15,3" 1920x1080 display. Bought it a year and a half ago. Core i5 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, eSata, LED backlight.
There are a few things that could've been better (weird keyboard mapping -- the Return key sends a KP_Enter), and it's got a bit of a plastic-y feel to it, but it works great, and I bought it for what amounts to less than 1200 USD.

Comment Re:I'll get a gold in freestyle grammar nazism (Score 4, Interesting) 89

On a similar note, what's up with the 5196 empty lines?

~/tmp$ grep ^$ launching_bbc_sport_new.html |wc
      5196 0 5196

...or the 21360 kB of whitespace?

~/tmp$ grep '^[[:blank:]]*$' launching_bbc_sport_new.html |wc
      5896 1400 21360

That's one sixth of the page size (excluding external sources).

And speaking of external sources: 336 kB of Javascript. Neat, huh?

~/tmp/bbc$ for i in `grep --color=never -o 'src="http://[[:alnum:][:punct:]/]*"' launching_bbc_sport_new.html |sed -r 's/src="//' | sed -r 's/"//'|grep '.js' --color=never`; do wget $i; done;
~/tmp/bbc$ du -ch *.js*
28K bbccom.js
28K blq_core.js
16K comments-blog.js
8.0K embed.js
16K gloader.0.1.6.js
16K gloader.js
8.0K gw.js?csid=J08781
20K id-core.js
60K id.js
24K require.js
64K s_code.js
36K sharetools.js
12K swfobject.js
336K total

I haven't done any webpage project nearly as big as what I imagine BBC to be, but still, 476 kB all in all. Wow.

Comment Re:Awesome WM (Score 1) 357

I've been using Awesome for about a year, and I really dig it; though more the concept than config files in Lua. Awesome is just one tiling window manager though, there's quite a few other:
  • dwm
    Extremely small. No config -- just c code.
  • qtile
    Apparently a bit like Awesome, but written and scripted in Python.
  • xmonad
    Written an configured in Haskell. Supposedly crash-free (not that I've ever had Awesome crash).

I've heard much good about xmonad, and I'll be switching to it one of these days (I figure it's a great way to learn me some Haskell).

Comment Re:I must be old now; just don't be an idiot (Score 1) 200

I say we attack this problem from another angle. Instead of using a "flash blocking beer coolor", put your pictures online. Same goes for opinions, sexual preferences, and any other personal detail you can think of. With enough people joining in, we'll change the standard and make it publicly acceptable to act yourself (or be an ass).

I'll start: I'm drunk on the remains of a Cuban Havana Club. Mmmmmm.

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