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Comment Re:ron paul is economically illiterate (Score 1) 1797

where does this pseudoreligious belief, in defiance of all economic history and simple logic and reason come from that an unregulated marketplace is somehow more fair?

From the loads and loads of money spent on advancing this idea by the very people it would benefit?

There is a very large propaganda network whose purpose is to push the idea that letting the very rich do whatever they want will somehow make things better for everyone, and it has been set up over the course of decades. From think tanks, to cable television networks, to buying off professor positions to push right-wing economic theory, and more stuff that I can't think of at the moment (let alone more I don't know about at all), tons of cash has been spent to make this idea seem far less insane than it actually is.

Comment Re:Unionize this (Score 1) 1008

This is the big nightmare scenario of AI (and really, they don't even need technology that advanced). If there's no need for employees, what's to stop the people who control the machines (ie, the very rich) from simply taking what they want, including land, leaving the rest of us without anything we need to survive?

Maybe if we're lucky they'll keep us on reservations and not just send robot armies to slaughter us outright.

Comment Re:Hypocrits (Score 1) 320

The Google brand is worth something to both Google and its users. I think any Google-like operation "in the hands fo the Chinese" would struggle to build that kind of trust with its users. How comfortable would people be sending private emails to or watching videos on

The Chinese government can certainly have a hand in making their alternative look better to the Chinese citizenry, or at least make Google look much worse. What if all searches on Google got absurdly slow due to an artificial delay introduced by the Great Firewall? Or had a lot of its hits stripped out to the point where it's almost useless?

And those are just the two possibilities that I thought of off the top of my head.

Comment Re:Crazy chicks (Score 1) 284

Women know what they want - a stable partner to help look after their kids.

Actually women want two things - a stable partner to protect and provide for her and her kids, and the best genetic material to make those kids. These two things do not necessarily have to come from the same man.

Comment Re:Where are they making their money? (Score 1) 446

I'm sure that that's what Facebook is doing, but this move doesn't really help with that. If they want to sell your information, wouldn't it make more sense to offer a service that allows you to see any profile regardless of privacy settings (especially if you don't make knowledge of this service widely available to the general public)? Allowing anyone to see more information about everyone else doesn't exactly advance this goal.

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