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Comment Re:Why a decade later (Score 1) 629

Younger kids identify more and are responsible (indirectly) for many more toy sales.

Because young kids didn't identify with Luke? And didn't buy tons of toys?

Action figures.

Because they haven't sold ENOUGH C3P0 and R2D2 toys in the last 30 years?

Video games.

Because it's simply not possible to have a video game based on sensible stuff in the movie?
We've got to have StarWars meets Mario Kart in there somewhere?

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 1) 929

If an arab or anyone from from an outside country came into the US with an image of our flag burning or fuck the US things like that wouldn't you be a little worried about them?

No. And I really don't understand the minds of people who would be worried about them.

Real terrorists do not come through customs with pictures of burning flags in their possession.

Again, either learn to distinguish what is the REAL threat, instead of your weird PERCEIVED threat, or you simply won't be able to function in the real world without a constant sense of fear. And then the terrorists win.

Comment Re:Republican? (Score 2, Informative) 268

Now hang on. I know you have dozens on replies to this already, but... how come you can safely divide up the Republican party into different factions, and then give examples you like and presumably approve of (eg. Ron Paul) but the Democrats can get lumped together into one bucket of crap?

The Democratic Party is even more divided than the Republican. They range from the practically Republican Joe Lieberman, the very left-wing Dennis Kucinich, and everyone in between.

It's one of many reasons the Dems can't get stuff done. They aren't the party of the rubber-stamp follow-the-party-line.

Comment Re:4 tens is awfully nice (Score 1) 287

That's an excellent point, and one missed by too many managers who assume that every hour a programmer works is interchangeable.

*Maybe* if the programmer is still relatively young and has ready sources of free caffeine, can you make this assumption.

In my own experience, people (not just managers) tend to be useless by Friday afternoon. So that's when I schedule meetings/discussions where free-form ideas are the focus, or catch-up meetings where we simply have to discuss the details of what happened during the week.
Less mental pressure, and sometimes gives people a chance to vent, which can be useful.

Comment 4 day week works, because (Score 1) 287

I lose too much time commuting during regular business hours (traffic is a nightmare).
If I work the extra hour before and after regular business hours, my commute time is cut down massively. Those extra 2 hours, over 4 days, would cover the 5th days core business hours.

So that would be my preference. Same working hours a week, less commute time, 3 day week-end.

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 2, Insightful) 929

She had the following on herself -hand drawn map of downtown Jerusalem -Arabic stickers on laptop -"Fuck Star of David" pic on phone
-passport stamps from Arab countries -various Arab publications -photos condemning Israeli military action in Gaza

Unless her name was Ms. McGyver, I don't see how posession of any of these items is a threat to anyone or anything.
And unless there was a good reason to shoot the laptop, these folks were simply acting like dicks with too much power and too much paranoia. (A common complaint amongst guards the world over, mind, not just Israel.)

If you can't tell the legitimate threats, from the bullshit ones, then you're going to fuck up your job sooner or later.

And in their case, a fuck up means people could die.

Comment Re:anyone here who defends this man (Score 1) 502

I sure as hell hope that you never wind up on a jury for *anyone*.

Your experience may vary, but in my dealings with Americans about 30% of people think like this gentleman.
They are more concerned with punishment for moral abuses or perceived wrongdoings than with what they would call "technical legalities"

Comment Easy solution. Home made porn. (Score 1) 114

Instead of taking the Japanese model, where every single genital shot is reduced to blocky 16x16 pixalation (though they bizarrely get around this by using demonic/alien tentacles where possible) they should use the blocky pixalation on faces (there will never be the equivalent of a porn star in China. Too much shame and the possibility of life imprisonment.)

Home made porn, without faces, can then be sold on the black market without running the dubious risk of trying illegal imports where you're never sure what you're going to get.

I mean, can you imagine the poor Chinese guy who got 2 Girls 1 Cup on High-Def by accident?
"This is what Westerners find sexy? I am glad we are communist china"

Comment Re:is it really that bad? (Score 4, Informative) 316

That show is touched by darkness, Ambassador.
I see it as a blemish that grew over time.

I could warn you, of course, but you would not listen.
I could kill you, but someone else would watch it in your place.
So, I do the only thing I can. I go.

Oh, if it was a review you wanted? A word or two, about the special itself?
Well, take this, for what little it will profit you.

As I look at you, I see a great hand reaching out of the darkness, trying to blot out the moviescreen.
The hand is your hand.

And I hear sounds--the sounds of billions of people calling your name, telling you "NO!! DON'T LOOK!! CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!"

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