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Comment Re:I sincerly hope (Score 1) 255

Actually, even on The Pirate Bay, a fake torrent can get listed with thousands of seeders.

The thing is, the company the MPAA are outsourcing this pirate hunt to, aren't the brightest.

They'll create torrents for Iron Man 3, or The Walking Dead episode 1x07 or something.

And they'll create a dozen torrents with thousands of seeders each, in under 10 minutes.

It's really really not difficult to avoid fakes.

And yeah, anyone who downloads software from a Torrent site, is asking to be owned.

Comment Re:Creeping Mysticism (Score 1) 810

As a society, we're reverting back to superstition and ignorance.

Oh please. Something like 90% of Americans still believe in God for pities sake. And I highly doubt that the slashdot readership is entirely immune to that particular superstition either.

The enlightenment was over 200 years ago. It never really took off in America.

Comment Re:Honeymoon (Score 1) 326

You should be aware that "Redneck" is a racist and culturalist epithet on a par with "The N word"

Oh really?? I must have missed those large tracts of American history 101, where they told us about the war to free the Rednecks, the Jim-Bob Crow laws, and the Redneck-only drinking fountains....

Comment Re:That's Not What The Article Says (Score 1) 775

This is the point where, as a people, globally, we just need to stand up and kill the top 3% of the people running the planet that have these stupid ideas.

The sheep and cattle have never risen up to slay the farmer.

The sheepdog ensures that they stay in a pack, easily led.
Any sheep that gets ideas, is nipped by the dog.
If it still gets ideas, it is torn to pieces by the dog.

Comment This is only the first step. The next, is scarier. (Score 3, Insightful) 641

That's when Amazon takes it upon themselves to update books on your Kindle, without your knowledge.

They'll probably sell it as a feature, first. Science text books for college, for example. Every year, we'll upgrade your copy to the latest version, etc...

But one day, it will be "Those historical facts no longer represent the current thinking of the administration. So remove those historical facts from this text book, and replace them with these approved-facts."

Comment Re:Mod parent up! (Score 1) 747

Just because London is colder, doesn't mean the globe is getting colder.

London is colder, because the Jet Stream is not as powerful as it once was, and is now being overshadowed by the effects of Siberian winds coming in from the East, instead of warm air coming from the far far south west all across the Atlantic.

If the Gulf Stream stops completely, or changes direction (both of which are possible from global climate change) then London and its surroundings will lose their main source of mild winters.

Comment Re:What?! (Score 1) 464

Yes, even though you might *think* the mainstream media is treating wikileaks as a leading story, the fact that you hadn't even heard of this child-sex purchasing story, should show you how badly the mainstream media is doing its supposed job. (Their actual job, on the other hand, protecting the rich and powerful, they do reasonably well.)

Comment Re:Information wants to be free. (Score 2) 633

Anything which speeds the US down the road to a more obvious Fascist/Police state (because there are those who would argue they're already there), is possibly a good thing in the long term, as it should speed up the civilian uprising which will bring about its downfall.

If it doesn't happen soon, it could be argued that technology will progress to the point where any civilian uprising will be impossible. And then Fascism can arrive safely, and be here to stay.

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