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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 1018

Someone who really cares about you will tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

Alright then, here's some truth.

There are three stages to losing your sense of patriotism.
1) When you realise the present, is not what you believed it to be. (ie America is not #1 in everything, tortures people, has faults, whatever.)
You are at stage 1, as are most political activists. (i.e. we have been a great nation, and can be again)

2) When you realise the past, is not what you believed it to be. (The abuses against other countries or the American people, are not a new thing. History is full of examples, but most people don't know their own history.)

3) When you realise the future, will not be what you believed it to be. (Repressive laws don't get rolled back. Authority does not relinquish power.)

Comment Re:How to make regular people into terrorists. (Score 1) 890

We did all of those things to the Germans and Japanese and none of them became terrorists

Someone needs to open a history book. No one promised the Germans and Japanese survivors that they would get more of the same.
America spent billions funding those countries rebuilding efforts after the war.

Comment How to make regular people into terrorists. (Score 3, Insightful) 890

Hmm, let's see....

Invade their country. (Check)
Bomb their country. (Check)
Kill thousands of their innocent civilians, men women and children. (Check)
Show no remorse for these acts. Indeed, be proud of them, and say the victims had it coming. (Check)
Tell the survivors that they are going to get the same. (Check)

How much research do you need? I thought America had drawn up this five-point-plan years ago.

Comment Re:The obvious answer (Score 1) 231

Customers so desperate to be able to use a sucky service that they're willing to do the job a carrier ought to be doing... how many other businesses would *kill* to have that problem?

Ah, but they want the customer to pay *them* (the carriers) for the privilege of solving the carriers problem, not some upstart little company who has started selling boosters on Amazon.

Surely, a new level of greed.

Comment Re:By all means, question him (Score 1) 298

Assange should not be exempt from the laws either. By all means, if there is sufficient evidence to warrant some questions, question him.

The authorities should also not be exempt from the laws. And if you knew anything about the case, you'd know the authorities are not following the law, and are not following due process.

Several mod5 comments above can educate you on this matter in more detail.

Comment Emily Rosa - She's still young (early 20's) (Score 3, Interesting) 614

As a 9 year old girl, she debunked the whole Therapeutic Touch nonsense, with a sensible experimental design.

If it helps, she grew up to be a smoking hottie, as well as having brains to burn. IMO, young kids could look
up to her for both her critical thinking skills, and the way she was no swayed by arguments-from-authority of
the "we're older than you, so we know better" sort.

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