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Comment Re:The reason Christianity has this problem. (Score 1) 1359

In the Humani Generis in 1950 the catholic church officially stated that there is no conflict between evolution and dogma. Later in the 1990s their position was further refined to include an acceptance that the human body itself is the result of evolution. Evolution is more than a hypothesis, according to papal decree aka, church policy is that evolution happens, evolution resulted in humans, but that the spirit or soul comes from god.

I mean say what you will about christians or evolutionists, 1.2 billion of them(theoretically over half) belong to a church that believes evolution happened.

Comment Virtualization is inapropriately overused. (Score 1, Interesting) 464

at my 250k employee company with a bajillion servers and workstations, virtualization is mostly a work-around for the ancient and technophobic company policy of seperating servers by the individual application they run. All of my department's server side stuff (except the database) can easily be run on one box with one active/active failover box in a different location. This is how it was demo'd, benchmarked, vetted, and tested. Corporate audit went ape shit that we had an APPLICATION SERVER that was also SERVING UP WEB CONTENT!!!!!!!!! Fast forward 8 years and we have THIRTY TWO virtual servers in EACH ENVIRONMENT (production and fail-over). All doing the job of one decent server, and realistically all together taking up one server's worth of hardware (but with much more OS overhead BS than just using the one stupid server for the various applications.

So basically we pay some VMWare licenses, 62 extra windows licenses, some hefty maintenence contracts, and who knows what else in order to use the server in the way that the software originally was intended to run (1 box for all the apps). Nice workaround for braindead company policy.

Honestly, other heavily virtualized shops that I have seen were mostly the same thing.

Virtualization in the business world is really just a work around for the fact that computers got more powerful faster than they were able to gain trust and confidence of senior management.

Comment Re:Junk food is the problem (Score 1) 655

Please don't do this. "College poor" IS NOT THE SAME THING as generational poverty, or even working poor. If you are in college you have a half billion dollars worth of knowledge at your disposal that the working poor on down will never ever have access to.
You are going to compare the eating and purchasing habits of someone in higher learning finance classes and mandatory health and/or nutrition classes to those choices made by someone who MIGHT have graduated high school?

Please please don't compare "College poor" to "actually poor".

Comment Re:Junk food is the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 655

Cooking a meal for a family would cost a lot less than taking them all to McDonald's.

I don't know where this idea that fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive comes from. They're the cheapest way of getting food, as long as you have time to cook (and 10-20 minutes a day is enough for that if you don't do anything too complicated).

This is one of the most annoying and common fallacies in this whole discussion.

Did you grow up in a house in the suburbs, with a functioning kitchen, at least one parent working only 9-5 and a real grocery store within walking/car/bus distance? Congratulations, you had a better food situation growing up than 60% of people in the united states.

I have a nice house in the suburbs, a kitchen with a functioning stove, a car that works every time I turn the key in the ignition, a fridge and freezer that work, a decent set of pots and pans, all the right knives, a cutting board, all the right spoons, a whole rack full of spices, an understanding of cooking given to me by my homemaker motherm and I can afford all this stuff on only one job.

It costs me $5-$10 to prepare a decent dinner for my family... But i interact with $400,000 worth of stuff most people don't have to do it. The most significant of which is priceless: My upbringing in a household where people were educated, mildly successful, and proficient at cooking.

Comment Re:Um (Score 2) 663

I take it you never pirated audiobooks or ebooks pre-kindle. The Audible mp3s are getting better, but for a long time even pay audiobooks were super low quality. Before there were large name ebook vendors (and I am talking amazon and barnes here not the smaller older ones) most of the eBooks out there in pirateland were from spine ripped, ocr'd scan stacks. They weren't blurry, but they were full of ocr errors and formatting problems.

Comment Re:Smartphones, Cars, Premium Cable, pest control (Score 3, Informative) 530

fuel is a such a red hering. Gas needs to hit 11 dollars a gallon before you can justify buying say a hybrid over a decent mileage comperable compact car (assuming they are both new... add in the USEDvs NEW factor and there is just no math that makes sense there).

To demonstrate this point I once graphed buying a 1970s V8 Monte Carlo (horrible gas mileage) vs a Prius for a 5 year financing term. I assumed I would need to spend 150/month on repairs for the Monte Carlo, and that at the end of every year I would set the Monte Carlo on fire and buy another one. Still way cheaper for a 20 mile commute@ $5/gallon. Replace Monte Carlo with "beater civic" which gets 30mpg instead of 14 and the numbers are just a big joke.

Comment Re:Smartphones, Cars, Premium Cable, pest control (Score 1) 530

Yes, an iPhone really costs 2000 dollars but unless you don't like 3G and use it on TMobile, there is no way to get it cheaper in the US as the monthly charges on the three iPhone carriers don't go down when you own the device.

Don't you think MS would LOVE that to be the case for the Xbox? seems like this would be a good way to start down that road.

Comment Re:Smartphones, Cars, Premium Cable, pest control (Score 4, Insightful) 530

or $384.52 dollars for an xbox. That's my point.

Financing takes many forms, and this one is neither shocking nor very different from cellphones, which are generally accepted by a willing public. The best part about it is if this pilot plan works out, they can come out with FANTASTICALLY expensive consoles in the future, and people will just subscribe to 2 year contracts instead of shelling out the giant sticker price.

Comment Smartphones, Cars, Premium Cable, pest control (Score 5, Insightful) 530

Welcome to the 20th and 21st century, this is how all subscription models work.

Or didn't you realize an iPhone really costs $2,000; DVR Equipment fees are really a fleecing, a $20k car really costs $36k, and pest control really costs $240, not $20/month. Gillette razors are also not 5 dollars.

Oh and mortgages are a really bad deal. You pay like 150grand extra, why not just pay cash up front?

Comment Re:Firmware defective (Score 5, Interesting) 167

Since it sounds like you have experience in this environment, have you any sage advice for a parent that wants to do the right thing for his child?

I am autistic and I grew up in special needs classes and went on to college and now work in a marginally social insurance analysis software development role for a big company. I have a wife, a bunch of kids, a full life.
The big piece of advice is: let him follow his passions, and they will change often, there really is no fighting it, and hey like me he might even end up using it for a nicely compensated occupation.

My second is, try to do your best to teach him how and why to lie. Anybody can say things that aren't true, but the little social lies everyone tells every day were the hardest thing I ever had to overcome. You described a highly black and white world, and largely I had the same thing. I had no idea why you would pretend to not to be disgusted by religious people, or why you wouldn't say things like "no thanks I don't eat food served by people who have dirty shirts and nervous fingernail habits." There is a very blurry line between tact and deceit and that took me a lot of bullying and a lot of painful trial and error to figure out, it is not typically intuative for an autistic person, because largely we would prefer to know the real reasons behind things, but non-autistic people prefer to be lied to in social situations.

Most of the lies I tell people in a social context are straight out of movie scripts, because I can never figure out how to word it correctly on my own. People seldom notice, and when they do they think I am making an "in" joke with them. It is a win-win.

Comment Re:Nearly a certainty (Score 1) 344

Not just that, but it is almost certain that 65m~ years ago debris carrying life was ejected from Earth at escape velocity when the rock killed the dinosaurs.

It almost doesn't matter if life started outside of earth, it has been speeding away from earth for at least 65m years, and probably earlier than that. (from other similar events)

Even if only some bacteria survived and found purchase on some other rock somewhere, life found a way to settle elsewhere.

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